On the Australian shore threw an extinct prehistoric fish?

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The remains of a huge and mysterious «fish-monster» thrown at the end of last week on the coast in Queensland (Australia) stirred up the public and put forth a riddle to scientists. One of the assumptions that fish of a prehistoric animal that is considered extinct.

It is reported that the fish were very large, in length it reached almost 2 meters and weighed at least 330 pounds (150 kg). Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine its exact dimensions, nor even to take a tissue sample for analysis, the remains of the fish had disappeared from the beach.

На австралийский берег выбросило вымершую доисторическую рыбу?

Beached weird fish, whose tail fins were more like paws, was found on the beach of Bundaberg spouses John and Riley Lindholm. The pair took a few pictures of fish and published from Facebook asking about the lineup.

На австралийский берег выбросило вымершую доисторическую рыбу?

The pictures quickly became interested in many people, but when the couple decided to return to the beach the next day to do more photos, the fish was no longer there. Perhaps she was carried away by the tide or someone took her.

John Lindholm worked all her life as skipper on a fishing vessel and he said he had never seen this fish in local waters and he could not even imagine what it’s for. Such a large fish must have been caught in fishing nets and its remains are so badly decomposed that it was impossible to identify. But alas, while nobody could tell what kind of fish.

«I thought it could be a grouper (fish of the perch family, can reach a length of 2.5 meters) , but examining it I hesitated. It’s also not a whale, I saw the remains of whales on this beach.»


На австралийский берег выбросило вымершую доисторическую рыбу?

Someone in the comments made the assumption that the fish can relate to Alcantaras extinct prehistoric lobe-finned fish.

The coelacanth

На австралийский берег выбросило вымершую доисторическую рыбу?

Two extant members of this order of the family latimeria was discovered relatively recently, in 1938. It is possible that this fish was a.

When the fish came to the officials of the Department of fisheries of Queensland, they said confidently that the shots most likely local Queensland grouper. However, doubts still remained, because according to them fish in such a condition that positive identification is difficult.

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