New supergreat may soon kill all the people

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Immune to treatment the fungus may soon lead to an epidemic that will destroy plants, animals and people, noted in a joint study, scientists from Imperial College London and Exeter University English in the journal Science.

Новый супергрибок может скоро убить всех людей

Scientists believe that the fungus can soon turn into a kind of antibiotic-resistant «superbugs» and acquire immunity to antifungal drugs, which are often overused in medicine and agriculture, RIA «Novosti». In particular, this contributes to the constant use of drugs for the treatment of fungal stomatitis, athlete’s foot, dermatophyte and onychomycosis.

Scientists say that the threat is undervalued and will soon make themselves known. Drugs only kill weak fungi culture, and strong culture survive and evolyutsioniruet, acquiring resistance to antifungal drugs. In this regard, researchers call for the development of tools able to confront this threat.

The researchers argue that fungal infections take more lives than breast cancer and malaria. In addition, the mortality from diseases caused by fungi, comparable with mortality from tuberculosis and AIDS.

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