Mysterious cat caught on surveillance camera

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Загадочная кошка  попала на камеру наблюдения

53-year-old resident of the English town of Oldbury dawn Paige was recently tested recording from a surveillance camera installed outside her house. The woman suspected that unknown offenders turn over trash cans on the sidewalk, why watched the video very carefully, hoping to catch «robbers» is likely to teenagers. However, the fact that our heroine was seen on these shots, made her immediately call the police. At night the street, hitting the lens of the recording device, quietly passed animal like a lion or leopard!

In Albion known so-called phantom cats – large members of the cat family, mysteriously emerging here. These predators either be away from their natural habitat, and no one can explain how this happens, or come to our world from Wonderland.

Supporters of supernatural theories talking about teleportation, parallel worlds, cryptids and the like, while the materialists with varying degrees of success trying to find a rational explanation for what is happening. And now, many skeptics said that the animal probably escaped from a zoo or circus, and therefore on the loose.

However, representatives of the local police assure the public that any reports of escaped tigers or lions, they have not been. How then to Oldbury took this cat? The most curious thing is that in addition to the dawn (or rather, in addition to her Registrar), none of the townspeople seem to have more not seen the beast. Maybe it was the ephemeral Ghost of an animal? Or chronometrage? Or really a visitor from an alternate reality?

At the very least, law enforcement authorities have no reason to believe that Paige engaged in a hoax and deceive his countrymen, as they were familiarized with the recording surveillance camera installed in the house dawn, and came to the conclusion that the woman based on the video it had the right to call the police. However, until this mystical cat anywhere else not show, and therefore there is no reason to panic…

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