Why you should never remove yourself sleeping on video

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Почему никогда не стоит снимать спящего себя на видео

This mystical story took place more than a decade ago with a relative of our compatriot Igor, who was then an ordinary Russian student-a sophomore .

Went to Lena, who was his second cousin not sister, not even a more distant relative. Excellent student, the pride of parents, very honest and decent girl. She came from out of town, because shot alone a cheap, little apartment in a residential area.

One Sunday morning Lena suddenly came to Igor, sobbing and not being able to calm down. Only after some time, UPOV relative strong coffee with brandy, our hero was able to find out what happened to her.

The idea to shoot themselves on video sleeping was not the most successful

From the story of the girl, Igor realized that was a secret hobby, which no one knew of her loved ones. At night, she would read horror stories from the Internet, watched all kinds of scary pictures and videos. Shortly before the incident, the student had read online that any person can theoretically see the supernatural horror, if you will picture yourself sleeping on video. Lena, as you might guess, immediately decided to perform an experiment.

She made it a night opposite his bed chamber, turned on the recording, turned off the light and went to bed. The next morning, the girl threw the video on the laptop and began to view the footage in anticipation of an interesting spectacle.

Initially obtained the footage was seen as Lena just tossing and turning in my sleep, but then something unexpected happened. The student in the video raised his head and stared directly into the camera lens. Her eyes were wide open, his eyebrows, and the pupils seemed in the dark bedroom is huge and black. In addition, her face showed a slight smile, producing a very ominous impression.

Почему никогда не стоит снимать спящего себя на видео

Igor listened to all this and not too believe in a mystical explanation. At first he even thought that Lena escaped from the control of parents, began to take some drug or hallucinogen. They say, so the girl and imagining things. However, our hero gave no sign and asked the relative to tell everything to the end.

Sobbing and trembling, Lena began to speak further. According to her, on the record, she continued to look at the camera for a few minutes, it is not blinking and not moving. And then she noticed something even more strange and frightening. She had her short dark hair, but one strand was painted in a lighter color. Looking at the «awakened» on the screen of the laptop, the student suddenly saw this bright strand in the neck that was impossible since her hair was too short.

The girl struck a big hunch: its head, the real head, and continued to lie on the pillow, and nestled on top of something else, like referring to Lena and staring into the camera!

What happened then has caused the student hysteria. She swore that the face on the monitor is rapidly stretched, his lower jaw unnaturally climbed down, and opened his mouth disproportionately, as if in a wild, silent cry. Lena instantly closed the video, but saw that the long snout of the creature is in the background on the desktop.

The girl rushed to change the Wallpaper on my laptop and found that all the pictures on her laptop were replaced by the image of this stuff. And all audio files instead of music was heard an unpleasant hissing with quiet unnerving thud. Open any live relative to our hero’s now so afraid.

What ended the story of a girl, who shot themselves on video sleeping

Igor asked the girl to take itself in hands and has promised to clean her computer of all these files. When they went to Lena home, it really was like hell. Igor spent the evening removed it, formatted the drives and checked the laptop for viruses.

A year passed, during which did not happen anything special. Lena changed the apartment, sold the laptop and camera, and also completely abandoned their experiments with paranormalne. Everything seemed to be left behind.

However, one day, Lena had called Igor and stammering voice said, this thing is back. Cousin told him I was at the birthday celebration of his friend, and during the celebration, the young people took a lot of photos. Literally on every picture, where was etched the girl, her face was distorted: it was all the same large black eyes and unnaturally open mouth.

Igor, who by that time had his own problems in life, only waved from a relative, advising her to remove all of these photos, as once he did.

Почему никогда не стоит снимать спящего себя на видео

And after a few days Lena was found dead in her bed. The girl was absolutely gray and lay with wide, terrified eyes, huddled in the corner of the bed. The door to the apartment was locked and not jailbroken. At first, the militiamen decided that climbed violators, picking up the keys, but everywhere was full order and none of it is lost, at least, is valuable. The murder in this case and did not smell, maybe suicide? For example, drug overdose? However, the doctors failed to establish the cause of death of girls…

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