U.S. military helicopters chasing a UFO

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В США военные вертолёты гонялись за НЛО

New material with the presence of an unidentified flying object is gaining popularity on the Internet. The video, shot in Colorado springs, North America, has a very extreme implication, as the U.S. military helicopters chasing a «flying saucer». To capture the mysterious air ship, assembled not on the ground, the West pilots have been unable, however, effectively during emergency case, I added. At least it’s not just fans of stories about alien invasions, but also an avid skeptics who believe only in what was officially proven by specialists from the National space Agency.

Remarkable video appeared on the YouTube channel UFOmania and amassed a lot of likes and comments. Looked new for more than ten thousand people. The video begins with the shooting darkened by the night sky, where at some point suddenly there are weird dots in black, hangs above the earth at a certain time. Then appear in the frame and helicopters, the pilots of which everything seems to be very interested in obscure devices. Ends with a video that filmed all this man just turns off the camera.

As they say now thinkers of UFO organizations, the world has again presented a visual proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, therefore they, of course, added some fresh work. However, people do not consider this opinion correct, I can not understand, why a small point in the sky should be considered a spacecraft of the aliens. Someone even just gave the material an ordinary forgery created with the goal of a small PR for my YouTube channel. However, considering the increased interest of pilots to objects, black dots hardly another fruit of a special computer program.

Incidentally, with regard to suspicious users that are not able to understand why unidentified flying objects extraterrestrial assemblies are so indistinct, it said the former head of the secret service of the Pentagon, Luis Elizondo, who was, according to him, not just personally watched the «flying saucers». As emphasized by the researcher, representatives of other civilizations do not want to be seen by people and that’s why their aircraft always seem to be the Terrans simple dots in the air, moving with incredible speed.

Luis also noted that the invention of aliens, necessary for space flight, can be easily distinguished from objects attached to Earth. The expert is convinced that only a «flying saucer» able to maneuver in the sky like a piece of paper in the wind is chaotic and very fast. Also added Elizondo, they never make any sounds, as do planes or helicopters, and may at any time to land or take off in seconds.

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