The space – field of a cosmic struggle

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Космос – поле вселенской битвы
From outer Space arrive on Earth large and small meteorites. These remnants of ancient collisions of massive space bodies in the form of gray stones scattered throughout our planet. For example, one of the many astronomical objects the observations of scientists, the asteroid number «2003IL61» was the result of a giant impact beyond the orbit of Neptune billions of years ago two massive bodies, the larger of which is the size of the planet Pluto.

The great cosmic body with a diameter of 1500 kilometers have faced in the immense Universe with the same large «lonely wanderer», and of large and small asteroids at great speed went into a free space flight. Can such heavenly unmanaged blocks that broke away millions of years ago from some cosmic giant, to hit our Earth? As at the time of the space shot to protect our little Blue planet?

That is a brutal collision in Space can rightly be considered the most important in the life of the Universe, after all, is thrown when there is such tremendous impact of cosmic energy and the resulting force of gravity exert a continual influence on the body in the vacuum of space. Nothing can prevent such collisions randomly moving in different directions and at times overlapping in their path of heavenly bodies: asteroids, comets, planets, and even the collision of entire Galaxies together.

One of these destructive, saturated with powerful energy, collisions on a planetary scale, humanity is, in principle, owes its appearance and existence in this world. The formation of the planet Earth, like other planets systems of the milky way, occurred in the Solar nebula about 5 billion years ago.

The European space Agency (ESA) and NASA for 30 years together is a project of deep Space exploration. With the help of low-orbit telescope «Hubble» scientists have obtained space image of two colliding galaxies spiral-shaped, distant from the Earth for 350 million light years. Space is seen as a result of this gigantic merger of galaxies of powerful gravitational forces have already started their deformation. Typically, such a collision of cosmic bodies of this level last for many millions of years.

A star cluster of the milky Way, which is home to humanity on earth, according to astronomers after 4 billion years is also sure to encounter the nearest cosmic neighbor — galaxy called Andromeda. The most dangerous place during a large-scale galactic mergers is located in the neighborhood of the centers of the two galaxies, which is a supermassive black hole. From the thumping beats in the course of galactic mergers often giant power throws some major stars on the outskirts.

Giant cosmic structure of our Universe, unifying the myriad of stars, gas, space dust and dark matter around the Central disk of the milky Way, is also formed as a result of the great collision of miniature galaxies.

Exploring the origin of the halo of the milky Way, based on the materials the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, scientists have uncovered the chemical composition of dozens of stars of a super-cluster of the Central parts of the A13 and Tri-And. Similarly, DNA analysis, chemical composition allow scientists to determine the relationship of cosmic bodies and the relation of the stars to the original population. For example, dwarf galaxies and globular star clusters of different initial populations, they have different chemical compositions.

The studies of stellar spectra for further data analysis additionally used the very large telescope of the European southern Observatory (VLT) in Chile. The researchers compared the chemical compositions of stars from the inner and outer disk of the milky Way. Scientists came to the conclusion that originally all the star population of our galaxy was formed from the same cosmic source population. Then they literally pushed to the boundaries of the Universe other more significant dwarf galaxy, which at that time was racing at tremendous speeds through the milky Way. In the scientific astronomical circles this process is called «galactic eviction».

Recently, according to astronomers, on the outskirts of the Solar system revealed an enormous 300-kilometer outer body with a unique landscape and impressive size. It was an asteroid «2004EW95», which now flies the Kuiper belt. The object is removed from the Earth at 4 billion kilometres. According to scientists, space object «2004EW95» broke the strongest blow in the asteroid belt in the area of Mars and Jupiter, when he was moved to the edge of the Solar system other enormous object. And earlier in 2013 it became aware of the approach of another asteroid «2013US3», the dimensions are superior to the Eiffel tower.

In early may of 2018, astronomers calculated that the Earth is approaching a huge asteroid of small size, was the scientific Foundation «B612». However, in the space Agency NASA, focused only on finding the largest objects in the sky space. On approaching the objects with a diameter less than 140 meters, scientists know only 2 hours before their fall to the earth’s surface.

April 17 in 2018, another large asteroid «2018GE3», reaching a diameter of 50 meters swept very close to our planet. Scientists from Arizona in his lab too late discovered this celestial object. Outer body, for its size exceeding 6 times Chelyabinsk meteorite, approached the globe and 200,000 km at a speed of approximately 107,000 km/h.

This case makes earthlings again to think about the fact that science still cannot predict all the unexpected moments of life Space. It is necessary to direct the ultrasonic power of the new arms and the latest developments of the latest technology to protect our tiny habitable planet named Earth, so alone in the Universe.

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