Contactees of what the Tunguska meteorite and where to find it

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Contactees in the UFO we call people who believe that have the ability to telepathically speak with aliens or beings from other worlds. According to contactees, aliens using them are trying to convey to mankind his knowledge and his wisdom.

To prove if these people can communicate with aliens or they made it up or just are mentally ill — it is impossible. Therefore, even serious ufologists refer to the messages of the contactees with great skepticism.

To the stories of other sentient beings, transferred through the mediation of humans, should be treated with caution for another reason: as a rule, be given from the outside only right truths, and any unfamiliar and trudnoperevarimoy information, such as questions about the origin of the Tunguska meteorite, served so that no two identical answers. Sometimes exactly the opposite!

Контактеры о том, что такое Тунгусский метеорит и где его искать

But to listen to such information is worth. A well-known security agencies have always studied and most sophisticated disinformation — to extract by exclusion of real information.

In General, the interviews contactees with the Higher Mind or «just an ordinary alien» question on the Tunguska event is raised often enough. That’s just the stories of the newcomers, alas, are not similar and differ unrestrained fantasy. Whose fantasy is a separate issue, but go past this storehouse of valuable information (or misinformation), we simply have no right.

Key question — what was it? Prophetess Galina deposits of the Rostov region in June 1997, claimed that the Tunguska «meteorite» — the real stone meteorite (without the quotes). It weighs 9 tons and rests at a depth of 52 m.

Контактеры о том, что такое Тунгусский метеорит и где его искать

At the all-Union school-seminar «Fast phenomena in the environment» in the Tomsk 29.04.1990 years already known researcher of the Tunguska river A. Zolotov did not scruple «unscientific» method and using biraki «special sample» tried to figure out this question of the Noosphere:

— Was the Tunguska meteorite natural body?


— Was the Tunguska meteorite artificial body?

There is no answer.

Another contactee, a S. D. of Riga, has received more complete information. Supposedly in 1908 exploded a Terran ship from the future, lost in Time. However, later it has received the amendment from «civilization silvery humanoids»: actually, it turns out, exploded reasonable Red ball that escaped from a planet inhabited by white, cyan, blue and purple balls.

These ultrasweet could move in space with any speed, and the ball-the fugitive arrived on the Ground, pre-merged together with other dark green globe to improve the speed characteristics. But the head of his home planet the White ball let your pursuit Red white blue ray and destroyed him, spraying hundreds of balls of smaller size and same color.

In General, understand this is so, our planet has been the scene of clashes intergalactic mafia?!

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There are contactees who allegedly Extraterrestrial civilization categorically insists that earthlings immediately stopped to walk to the epicenter area of the Tunguska body, and to disturb the remains of their dead ancestors.

So, in November of 1996, Alexandra G. Telegina conveyed the request-the order of civilization from alpha Centauri: over Tunguska killed vehicle AlfaInsurance, or more precisely to destroy the ship before entering into the atmosphere in the forest only the rest of his miserable remains. Nevertheless, the earthlings there, as well as on «rock the moon», to go in any case impossible!

Контактеры о том, что такое Тунгусский метеорит и где его искать

Others, such as channel V. Zelenin, on the contrary, tell you where to look for the remains of the Tunguska meteorite «at a distance of 150-155 m. with a deviation to the North-North-East from where you are looking for» (if counting from the epicenter, it is in the heart of the village of Strelka-Chunya river Chun?).

And to dig up the remains of the meteorite have with the «depth of 120 m», then from the permafrost. That’s just the remains of the meteorite are buried there, if anything at all lies?

Контактеры о том, что такое Тунгусский метеорит и где его искать

If it’s unmanaged the body type of a comet or meteorite, even Bouncing as a result of a rebound from the ground, it would fly, according to current ideas about the direction of flight in the terminal phase before the explosion, not «North-North-East», and North-West.

If to the side (to Chun) was dropped a meteorite and his fragment, in this case it would be a relatively low speed, far less than at the North-Western fragments. And then a meteorite is simply not would have struck the permafrost to the level of 120 m.

However, if we are talking about the «meteor» in quotes (as written in the book Zelenina), i.e. the remains of the spaceship, this is the most valuable of all contactarse messages, because the area of the alleged search of alien ships is very vague’ve met in the works of Russian researchers of anomalous phenomena as the seat of obscure «9-meter copper boilers».

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