The phenomenon of the three Suns

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Феномен трёх Солнц

Oral traditions of individual peoples inhabiting our planet, is a very specific source of information about the past. On the one hand, the information coming to us from the ancient legends are very little valuable information because of their repeated retelling has often led to inaccuracies or loss of some important moments. Sometimes the keepers of these traditions, trying to embellish their stories, on the contrary, added to them a lot of ad-libbing, too little to increase their credibility.

However, sometimes there is the opposite effect. Sometimes the information in the oral tradition are passed on as accurately describing the fine features of those or other events. More than once from oral testimony of certain ethnic groups were not only evidence of the existence of certain objects but entire cultures.

In many Nations, never started to use the script (or lost it), there was a whole practice on memorization of large amounts of verbal information.

Echoes of these practices for quite a long time there were different nationalities: for example, the Mongol-Tatars, taught his messengers with a special technique that allowed them to the letter to remember the messages being exchanged. Of course, the Mongol script was, but the messenger could always lose the message, and when it sat in his mind, at least, information was more likely to be delivered.

Of particular interest are one and the same myths and legends, as reflected in the folklore of some peoples and transcends the written work of others. The latter, as if «frozen in time» does not change, while others, due to the already described reasons may differ materially from its written version.

In cultures of some Nations there are legends about the old times, when the Land was illuminated by three Suns. There are several different versions of this legend, differing in some details. This in itself is of interest, since the geography of these legends covers a rather large territory.

The essence of the legend is this: at some point near our planet appeared not one, but three Suns. Naturally, this began to bring people a lot of discomfort. Was no change of day and night, the Earth became unbearably hot, animals and birds, it would seem, has gone mad, well, and so on. Then people asked for help to some hunter, and he by shots fired from a divine bow killed two of the Sun, and everything was back to normal.

Nanai is a version of the legend. She looks very much like the Chinese, only there once the Sun kills not a hunter, and eats the dragon. In the Chuvash version latest Sun, fearing the fate of the previous two, trying to escape, and the people of earth have a lot of work to get it back.

It would seem that the legend, as a legend, what a lot is and will be. Moreover, skeptics have long been deciphered and explained its significance. Everything was quite simple and prosaic, as is often the case with many «unexplained» things.

Under certain conditions, may be observed the phenomenon of halo, when not the sky you can see three or five images of the Sun. This is due to the fact that the beam of light from the source (in our case – the Sun), is refracted in the atmosphere from cloud any particles, invisible to the naked eye. As such particles, there may be tiny drops of water or invisible ice. Thus, if between the sun and the observer as a cloud of such pieces of ice, he sees multiple images of the Sun in the center and at the edges of this cloud.

The halo phenomenon is extremely common in various parts of the world. Since its appearance needs a suspension of water or ice in the air, wherever there are large open bodies of water or it can be negative temperature, you may experience halos. All? Mystery solved? Not quite…

The fact that the legend of the three Suns is still in the epic of the ancient Aztecs. Moreover, it is mentioned in one of the Aztec manuscripts-codes, telling the history of the Aztec state.

The historicity of this code, called «Code of Chimalpopoca» never in doubt. It describes the history of the Aztec state from the earliest times to the conquest of Montezuma. All historical events are described in the code with amazing accuracy and their authenticity confirmed historically or archaeologically. It is important to understand that the code in addition to the events concerning Land, there were others. They talked about past eras, other worlds and about where did the Aztec leaders and how they got to Earth. Among other things, the code tells its own, the Aztec legend of the three Suns, but with some variations.

Three Suns in Aztec legend moves across the sky, flying both day and night, to extinguish the native Sun of the earth, then lit it again and in the end, are on the horizon in the constellation of Orion and illuminate the Ground continuously throughout the year!

However, the final legend in the spirit of the Canon. Is the «hunter» who slaughtered all three others the sun and stare at the one that was there originally, but the wisdom and dedication of Aztec leader saves the Earth from imminent death.

In quite a serious historical record of a mythical work about a lot of the Suns plays a too important role. Why the author, describing serious events and historical facts brings to the story an element of mystery, it has nothing to do with real life.

Some historians and researchers of paranormal phenomena, for example, Vadim Chernobrov, I believe that in this case we are not talking about some kind of hoax, but on a very real phenomenon, and those «three Suns» — there is nothing like a giant space station, interplanetary base, aliens and the Aztecs, well, or at least their leaders, may have extraterrestrial origin.

In General, analyzing the formation and development of the States of the New world, scientists are increasingly faced with the paradox that every year, the accumulation of knowledge more and more growing. The idea is that the people living there well, I could not create what was in these territories. That is, the technical level, where were the Maya and the Aztecs were the most advanced civilization of that time did not correspond to that level of achievements in architecture, mathematics and astronomy, which were used at least in the construction of their buildings. Many scientists believe that all these temples and structure – the handiwork of someone more advanced. It is not excluded that arriving in «ships of the sun» aliens and were the builders and first rulers of these Nations.

Interest is another fact. In Ancient Egypt there is also the legend of the three Suns. But there is a bit more complicated. The Sun God – RA, has the incarnation: Amon – the Sun itself, Aten – disk and Sekhmet – its action, in this case, the light and heat. And the sun God of Egypt always triune.

There are hieroglyphic texts which the first pharaohs receive the blessing and rules of governance of this whole «Trinity». Which can also be interpreted, any training of humans by aliens or as their immediate arrival on Earth.

The repetition of the same stories in the ancient epics is not just coincidence. The human civilization holds in their legends the memory of those times and events when we were not here alone.

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