Experts gave the world the «nightmare bacteria»

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Experts at the American Center for control and prevention (CDC) announced that in 2017 they have identified more than 200 cases of so-called «nightmare bacteria» (nightmare bacteria). We are talking about the bacteria is incredibly resistant to antibiotics, even the newest and strongest.

About the dangers of «nightmare bacteria» reported directly to the CDC website, and this information is quickly disseminated all the world’s media.

This problem was highlighted in previous years, but the latest study allowed us to estimate the scale of the danger. The scale suggests that in future cases of «nightmare bacteria» will be more and it will be a real global epidemic.

Эксперты напугали мир "кошмарной бактерией"

It is reported that more than 23 million Americans die each year from infections caused by drug-resistant microorganisms, and in 2017, the researchers recorded 221 cases of a particularly resistant to any antibiotics by bacteria, those same «nightmare bacteria». It is assumed that in fact such cases were much more, but only a small number of laboratories in each state was included in the study.

CDC experts say that often «nightmare bacteria» and found people lying in hospitals. In hospital settings the bacteria spread rapidly, mutate, and new strains of dangerous. Fortunately, the «nightmare bacteria» are bacteria are not the most dangerous and fatal diseases, such as pneumonia, various skin inflammation, infection, causing stomach upset.

Эксперты напугали мир "кошмарной бактерией"

The situation can become much apocalyptic, when resistant to any antibiotics will be such a terrible disease such as the bubonic plague. In the Middle ages, when it was widespread, it was of course not treated with antibiotics and other means, so the bubonic plague bacteria has not developed resistance to antibiotics.

Today, outbreaks of bubonic plague are treated with antibiotics mainly and at any moment may receive the strain to develop resistance to the drugs, as happened recently with bacteria pneumonia. If this happens with the plague in modern conditions, when bacteria spread much faster because of airplanes and cars, an epidemic may cover the whole world in the shortest possible time.

What can stop the «nightmare bacteria»? Professor Dame Sally Davies, who served as the chief medical officer of the UK in the coming days will begin a special campaign in the UK, hoping to reduce the use of antibiotics in the country to a minimum.

However, as recognized by the very Professor, is definitely not enough, since similar action must be taken globally – only then you can do something to change the situation.

  • In Antarctica found invulnerable microorganisms
  • In the United States discovered the bacteria of pneumonia, which is invulnerable even for a powerful new antibiotic
  • At the scene of the eruption of an underwater volcano have discovered a new «hairy» bacteria
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