Tyrants from other worlds

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In the manuscript «Demonic forces, Incubus and succubus» written by Maria Ludvigson Sani-strati de Ameno, in the seventeenth century described the following story:

«When I was Professor of Sacred theology in the convent of the Holy cross, in Pavia, there lived at that time in that city a married woman of excellent morality. Her name was Jerome.

Once, when she slept with her husband, felt like someone gently and tenderly kisses her. She resisted, not answering, continuously crossing themselves and calling upon the name of the Lord. The test lasted about half an hour, and then the tempter went away. The next morning she went to her Confessor.

Насильники из иных миров

On the same day in the evening the test was repeated. On the advice of the Confessor in the house were invited to experienced priests, exorcists, exorcism». But the exorcism failed.

Incubus, at first invisible, has become continue to be in Jerome at night «in the form of a young boy, a dwarf with Golden curly hair.» In short, wrote de Ameno, «he used all the methods of seduction to win her favor». But Jerome remained steadfast.

Then, invisible for others but not for Hieronimi! — Incubus began to visit her in the daytime. In the eyes of many astonished witnesses some invisible being snatched from Hieronimi from the hands of the baby when she breast-fed him, smashes plates and forced to fly around the house pottery.

One night, says de Ameno, Incubus vigorously demanded that she gave herself to him. She usually refused. Fierce Incubus disappeared, and after a short time returned with a huge burden of flat stones, which the people of Genoa and Liguria lie the roof. Out of those stones he built around the bed such a high wall that it reached almost to the ceiling.

When the sun rose and people in Pavia woke up, they heard heart-rending cries of a walled spouses. From all sides came running to the house of the people. Arrived at the scene, and the author of the manuscript.

«The wall was knocked down — he then recorded his observations, and the stones piled in the corner where they were exhibited for all to see. But two days later they disappeared.»

Насильники из иных миров

It is noteworthy that the witnesses of the pranks of the invisible were numerous the people, the inhabitants of Pavia. Yes, in the «history» stone-literally a crowd of witnesses. And Jerome is still very lucky. The demon raped her.

Contact Ieronimos went more or less sensitive, in General, is an Incubus. He long solicited her love, demanding that women necessarily voluntary consent to sexual intercourse. «The demon did not want to impregnating Jerome, against her own will».

In ancient books and manuscripts, meanwhile, come across a spooky story about a sadistic rapes of women by demons.

In one of the Russian Chronicles of the XVII century, for example, describes the sexual assault of the evil forces to some Solomini. Without asking her consent, with her began to copulate demons.

It all began, imagine about a week after the young and charming Solomiya entered into a legal marriage.

Chronicle tells the following:

«On the ninth day after the wedding, after the sunset, when she was with her husband in the bedroom, lay already on the bed and tried to go to sleep, suddenly saw Solomine demon with a bestial face and having claws. The demon lay down next to her on the bed. She was scared tremendously. And this beast fuck her…

Since that day, continues the unknown author of the annals, the — damned demons began to come to her regularly. They arrived in five or six across. Some of them were in front of her eyes as a beautiful young man. They, too, attacked her and raped, and then left.»

That happens in modern times, including in Russia.

A woman named Olga, she lived in Kaliningrad, Moscow region (after 1996, the city of Korolev). Worked as an engineer at a munitions factory and was married, but children of the spouse at that time on the road.

According to Olga, one night she woke up feeling that someone had fell. The next second, she realized that the blanket dropped, legs spread apart, and her, excuse me, with terrible force raped. In fright she opened her eyes and saw a young blue-eyed, handsome man with Golden curly hair.

Raping Olga, a voluptuous stranger was smiling and moaning softly. The woman shouted wildly. Her husband slept on the couch in the next room, woke up, heard the heart-rending cry.

He ran into his wife’s bedroom and saw, according to his statement, next. Olga lying on her back, spread wide and feet up. Her body squirms on the bed. And her sexual organ is hopping like it is a penis working like a jackhammer.

Насильники из иных миров

Someone obviously raped Olga. Someone instantly realized her husband invisible! Invisible, but only for him, but not for Olga. That clearly distinguish the face and a Nude figure of a blue-eyed handsome man leaning on it.

Turning to the husband, the woman shouted:

— Throw this bastard off me! Kill him! Drop!

Husband, completely stunned, did paused a step towards the bed. And then Olga felt a jet of sperm watered her genital organ. And in the bedroom at the same time flashed the bright flash of orange flames blinded the owners of the house.

When Olga was promorgali, she discovered that the rapist with Golden curly hair had disappeared.

— Look out the window! — suddenly exclaimed her husband.

Olga turned to the window. Some dark mass hung out there close against the window-pane, like drew it on the outer side of the thick curtain. A second later the dark mass outside the window suddenly floated upwards, gradually revealing a sky filled with stars.

Olga and her husband, giving his testimony, stressed that the lower edge lifts up the window the ground was very clearly delineated — well, like it was some kind of artificial body. It is possible that UFO.

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