A mysterious flying object with a dark plume filmed over Turkey

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John Kerry and his wife flew on a commercial flight over Turkey and around the area between Ismanam (Izman) and the island of Chios in the Aegean sea, on the way to Athens, they saw out the window something very unusual.

It was March 21, 2018 at 4: 30 in the afternoon. The object had a long black plume and quickly moved through the air.

Загадочный летающий объект с темным шлейфом заснят над Турцией

John Kerry has managed to capture an unusual object on video and upload it on YouTube on the same day, March 21.

Kerry Jones said that when he lived in Canberra (Australia) he was Vice-President of the local society of ufologists and he had seen many pictures of UFOs and stories about the observation of unusual objects. «But it was strange even for me.»

Загадочный летающий объект с темным шлейфом заснят над Турцией

The object in the video quickly changed the angle of inclination in relation to flying the plane. After about 2 minutes the object turned into a dark thin elongated line. It remained unclear what it was. It is possible that a UFO? But it can be a military missile?

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