Energy vampires at work

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The term «energy vampirism» is necessary to understand these relationships between people, in which there is a power fence life force. «Don’t be nervous,» says the doctor. «Be calm,» – says the psychologist, not realizing that there are people who have a specially provoke frustrations and irritations, which is the only way to take away our vitality.

These people are vampires, they pull, shake and suck our psychic energy by all available means. Vampirism is the energy looting. The vampire is always easy and good, but the donor, or the vampire’s victim, is always «broken» and sick.

Энергетические вампиры на работе

Esoteric divide the energy vampirov on solar and lunar. The energy of the sun people of the vampires hot and dry, it is always aggressive. We say that this is a violent man, a leech and sadist. They are attacking the «victim» provoke scandals and quarrels, causing mental and physical pain.

The energy of the moon people vampires opposite the sun. It’s cold and wet. If a solar vampire is an energy bandit, the lunar vampire is an energy thief, quiet and secretive. He always laments about their problems, pretending to be deaf and uncomprehending. It’s annoying. He does not swear, do not quarrel, does not prove that it aches and it takes us out of balance.

Where you can often deal with energy vampires? In the family and at work. And if relatives that prevent you to live, you can still leave or to divorce, it is a lucrative job so just won’t go away, especially in our difficult time.

Every morning we rush to work. A man who loves his job and the people with whom it communicates, in the morning filled with energy of joy. The other, waking up, thinking about work, how about hard labor, cursed her, barely rises, but I have to go. While he has neither the strength nor health, it is all annoying that it crushes his body, is classic energy vampire.

Энергетические вампиры на работе

We sit with him in a bus, tram or subway car. The vampire hard, he needs to reset these pressing energy, and he comes to you on foot, on your toes. A vampire will do it hurt, deliberately to cause your indignation and anger. He fusses and provokes us to anger, and we are included.

Your heart starts to beat faster, in response to this blatant rudeness, swinging your inner energy (prana) and moves into your outer energy shell (aura). You shakes and batters, your joy is gone, and the vampire still stirs irritation insults.

And then your energy is completely transferred to him. The vampire was relieved, he took the soul, dropped the fact that he was hurt and weighed, and charged with fresh energy, although not the best quality bargain, but so happy. Of course! And you come to work for a long time can not calm down and focus, no strength, you squeezed out. You dumped in a swamp your pearls, and it gives the circles, you get covered in mud.

Have you ever noticed how vampires are, shaking someone, the characters feel how wildly the sparkle in them eyes, how proudly they raise their head? And then we become clear to the popular phrase: «you need a taxi ride!», «And still wearing the hat!» etc.

If you managed to get to work, and here you can wait for the vampire.

Quite common when the vampire is the boss. A familiar pattern, when on Monday he gathers his men and begins to scold. Each would get «to the liver», everyone finds offensive word would drive the whole team, discourage any desire to work. And after parade departs, patting everyone on the shoulder, asking not to be offended, after all, is trying, supposedly, for the common cause, saying that if you do not urge, and will not work.

This head vampire loves her job, she is not happy. Like any vampire, he was pleased just something personal, he doesn’t care at all, most would sit. So your boss has no life-giving energy that can inspire and energize the entire staff, and delight one by their appearance at work. All hiding from him, he holds the team at Bay. He himself is afraid of.

And then it becomes clear why he shouts, pounding his fist and hurts in the eye, and even at all. He charges and grabs the heart. This is the sign of the Cosmos, that in his heart there is no love either to you or to the case.

Well, if he is charging from you only on Mondays for the whole week, but if it happens every day, if it hurts, to hold until their vampiric «five minutes»?

If the person is with their work, interest, love and kindness may not deserve respect, he begins to require it. Remember, Pushkin: «When not a joke was sick, he got to respect yourself…»

The chief vampire is the biggest turnover. Nobody wants to work with a vampire, to live in daily mental shocks. They already have enough in our lives. The worst thing is when the vampires manage children’s institutions. I have seen heads of kindergartens, school principals and children’s clubs where their fault in the staff of permanent intense psychic field. It is time for senior management to pay attention to what people quit so there is no spiritual comfort, and never will be a real job, because «the fish rots from the head».

Энергетические вампиры на работе

When the head vampire, on this basis, he has sycophants and saints. Is weak people, and that they protect themselves from the energy shakes. But the head vampire as the bread needs slovens, it will keep them near you constantly, keep those whom you can with impunity on a daily basis to hurt and insult, or, as we used to say, – energy shake.

To fight with the head vampire is useless, it even better will charge your energy. You for him «the switchman», «scapegoat», he’s happy to see you every day, he seeks an interview with you, you’re a priceless gem, he can live without you can’t you his personal donor. May require a triple, five times the amount of your remuneration is a compensation for your health. But remember that it hurts more until charged from you.

Try an experiment: not reagiruet the roughness of the head, smile, say something about the weather, and you will see the miracle. He suddenly blush, red, rocking and clutching his heart. You gave him his power, and before you revealed the symptoms of vampirism: Creek helplessness, rudeness – bad manners, rage – anger. So all the secret becomes clear.

Only the rulers don’t love their work? And we do love her, that to which we go every day? Work is the energy field of our activity, and in this field we spend most of our lives.

For many it is an unfortunate part of their lives. It would be his strength and health, will he not take her away from colleagues, and then at home and on the street? And suppose that you will signal when someone says that loves her job.

It is a signal that your neighborhood vampire. But in General, it’s clear who and how is to work. And let not offended that the chief scolds him, and the team he has authority. It’s a common trait of vampires – nobody likes them and they don’t have authority in his team.

Энергетические вампиры на работе

There are many people who do not hide that do not love their job, what they like serve their sentences. But at the same time, they are always happy and cheerful, anyone not paying attention, because I live in the thoughts of some others and their world. And at every opportunity trying to get away from work place where the soul sings and enjoys. It can be sport, art, different Hobbies, technical creativity, etc. But at the same time, their idleness, they provoke, they shouted, and then be offended and call the offender a vampire.

Did the work you love, is not the person you not like, and therefore it annoys you. And that’s just what you think and say about it, your energy goes to that person, and you have to occasionally from someone to recharge.

The one who you have to work more than all other judges, is a potential vampire. A normal, healthy person forgives all or notices, from whom emanates a spiritual stench.

More often vampires at work are the people «vacant positions». Here the vampire can be seen immediately, for he is your every gesture and word stresses the importance of his person. Before the ones they fawn and Lisp, and others in severe ways.

Vampires by hook or by crook still robbing you. They pretend to be deaf, and we have all the time screaming, and it’s annoying because we notice what they hear, and the quiet word in their address.

There is a large group of lunar vampires who are pretending not to understand. The basic things they have to explain as many times until we «go up». And they at this time receive their portion of the bargain of energy. Here’s sage advice: «don’t sit under the rotten tree, do not communicate with a person of the extinct mind.» (E. Rerikh «Community»).

Technological progress has created another sophisticated form of vampirism – the telephone. Phone the vampire phone, to share with you not happy, and throws you another or the same problems. This can be a relative, friend, co-worker, – they call almost every day and always at the wrong time, taking a lot of time taking Affairs.

You listen to them with irritation, and an invisible stream of your energy flows to the vampire. Geographical distance it does not matter. A telephone channel often use the lunar vampires. Here’s my advice. Handing out your phone number, warn that the device you have old, broken, and during the conversation, he can shut down.

You can find a more efficient way. Included in our technical services pagers telephone numbers will help us «see» the person with whom you are already tired to communicate.

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