Our common Adam the ancient of mankind

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Secrets of the past: Our common Adam the ancient of mankind. The DNA of albert Perry — a recently pochivshego African American from South Carolina — found an awesome Y chromosome is able to indicate the origin of our species. If you believe the genes of this man, the last common ancestor of all humans through the male line twice older than he was.

Наш общий Адам древнее человечества

From left to right: skull of an ordinary chimpanzee, Australopithecus afarensis and two people skilled (image state University of new York).

One possible explanation of the previous phrase is that hundreds of thousands of years ago, modern and archaic hominini Central Africa interbred — in the same way as a reasonable man did not disdain the Middle East, the Neanderthals and denisovans of East Asia.

The DNA of albert Perry came to the attention of scientists due to the fact that one of his relatives shared with the company Family Tree DNA, which specializiruetsya on building a family tree clients through genetic analysis. Experts of such firms and other organizations examined hundreds of thousands of DNA. And they say that the Y-chromosome of all men goes back to «Adam» who lived 60-140 thousand years ago.

All except albert Perry. His Y-chromosome anyone’s not similar.

Upon hearing this, geneticist Michael Hammer from the University of Arizona (USA) got a sample and performed some tests. Indeed, Perry was not a descendant of «Adam». His line is apparently separated from the rest of humanity about 338 thousand years ago.

Struck to the depths of the scientist, together with colleagues checked the database of nearly six thousand African Y-chromosome and found some similarity with the chromosome Perry in eleven samples. All these men lived in the same Cameroonian village. Somewhere in that area, most likely, and is the birthplace of their total Perry ancestors.

Recall: the age of the first fossils of anatomically modern humans is estimated at only 195 thousand years, that is rod Perry stood out long before the birth of Homo sapiens. It turns out that this line of humanity inherited from some archaic hominines, which were crossed by our ancestors over the last two hundred thousand years.

By the way, this is not the only evidence of a certain degree of hybrid origin of Homo sapiens. In 2011, researchers working with human remains from Iwo Eleru (Nigeria), found a strange mixture of archaic and modern traits. Interbreeding? Most likely! Incidentally, the Cameroonian village that is located not so far from the border with Nigeria…

It all says only one thing: you need to take up genetic material that carry the inhabitants of Africa South of the Sahara.

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