Mysterious Alexander column St. Petersburg

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We recently introduced the users of our site with one of the many mysterious pages of the history of St. Petersburg, namely, the prophecies that have been associated with the construction of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, executed with mystic precision. Let’s continue acquaintance with these historic secrets of Russia’s Northern capital.

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

By the way, the construction of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral was led by the architect of French origin, Auguste Montferrand, maybe that’s why some readers even doubt, but if he built this temple in St. Petersburg?

For example, one commenter to the article, proves that Monferan only restored Isaac’s Cathedral (restored half a century?), although not lead any evidence to his statement. However, indirectly it is possible to believe, if we take into account that the same French architect supposedly has put in the Russian capital is still amazing and the Alexander column. Amazing, because to build such not under force even to the modern builders and stone-cutters (column carved from granite monolith, more about this below), relying on the most advanced technique. And in the first half of the nineteenth century, it somehow managed to do. Perhaps Montferrand was a wizard or an alien?..

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

The mysteries of the construction of the Alexander column

The Alexander column St. Petersburg is among the most mysterious artifacts to explain the origin (the appearance in our world) which from the point of view of modern science is very difficult, and because it fits perfectly in the assertion of conspiracy, «with the official story that something is wrong»:

  • first, it is surprising that the Emperor Nicholas First instructs the project – construction on the Palace square granite columns in honor of the victory over Napoleon Bonaparte — French Monferno. It’s like that Stalin would have asked after the second world war to build such a monument in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany — German. Strange, of course, but who knows these Russian tsars with their quirks, when they and all their entourage the polls were saying then in French;
  • secondly, it affects the scale of construction of this column, rather fantastic all, without exception, links to her appearance.

For a start agree that Auguste Montferrand indeed, as he describes himself in two albums, released in France in 1832 and 1836 (other reliable sources just yet), found for the column the piece of rock in Pyuterlakskaya the quarry near Vyborg. She was (unknown how) cut and polished column, with diameter of three feet (top slightly smaller), with a height of almost 26 meters and weighing 600 tons. As modern experts estimate, «stone», from which by hand (no machine) made this masterpiece at the time, was also should weigh not less than 1,600 tonnes. FYI, the most powerful mobile crane in the world can only slightly lift 1200 tons.

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

And then – chipped from a rock 1600 tons, moved, processed (apparently fantastic on a lathe), then a column of 600 tons again, the pens were loaded on the barge (what is this for a fabulous boat available for that time?), which delivered the next masterpiece of the Palace square in Petersburg. Here it is again-hands unloaded and moved to the square (with, according to French architect, ropes, logs and a powerful force of Russian serfs). All this is clearly shown in his (supposedly his) two albums (see photo).

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

Go ahead. Dug on Palace square pit hammered 1250 pine six-meter piles (one to one), then poured the water, and the level of its base is aligned properly (piles are cut – the same question from the field of miracles: how?), it fits granite monolith of 400 tonnes is imported with the same output (in the mysterious time for Russia, it turns out, to handle and to transport such masses of granite detail.)

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

Were, as they say, to put the column. In magazines Monterano you can see a very strange building, with which 2400 soldiers for a two hour set of the greatest monument in the history of the Russian state. Two years later, after some refinement of the masterpiece under the guidance of the French, 11 September (30 August old style) 1934 at the Palace square in St. Petersburg held a Grand solemn opening of this monument to the heroism of the Russian people.

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

Somewhat contradictory to all of this fantastic building seems small watercolor artist G. Gagarin «Alexander column in the woods», written in 1932-33 (see photo below), that is, just at the time when this masterpiece «fine-tuned»:

  • on the one hand, it is unclear why the Almighty Monferno not put the upper part of the granite monolith (and she, unlike telegrafnoe column is made out of bricks);
  • on the other hand, the forest at watercolor Gagarin demonstrate how to prove the experts, not the construction, but rather the restoration of the monument and Refine it (remember that Montferrand, St. Isaac’s Cathedral supposedly only restored, but not built).

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

Historical mysteries that surround us everywhere

Alexander column on Palace square of St. Petersburg is one of the many similar mysteries of history. Once we wrote on our website about a mysterious Big Kolyvan vase, made in XIX century from a single piece of Jasper and stored now in the Hermitage Museum. Modern stone cutters also can’t create something like that, even in much smaller sizes. How did people centuries and sometimes millennia ago managed to create and build what we, with our powerful machinery and modern technology can’t replicate?

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

What does humanity lose secrets some fabulous skill, and then in bewilderment scratching his head, whether in history, which we presented with an official science, not everything is authoritative. As convincing research by independent historians is a false story. For example, the story is the same Russia (Tartary) – it’s just fiction of some sort, invented in order to convince the world that Russians are savages, inferior people, while civilized Europe…

The question arises: how is this possible? A very simple – story of all times was written and rewritten by the rulers, the powers that be in favor of the ruling classes, the clans, the «great historical task», and therefore no more false than this science, a little different from fiction. To verify this, one need not even look far enough to see how the current rulers of Ukraine are rewriting the history of their country. And so it was always…

And because there are such weird spaces when it is not clear how the pyramids were built? Come on pyramid, of whom several millennia, by whom, when and how was built the Alexander column St. Petersburg and the great mystery…

Suggest you also watch a small documentary, where you will find opinions about the Alexander pillar independent historian and writer Georgy Sidorov, who sees it as something fantastic, made much earlier, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago. The fact that even today there is no technology to create such perfect processing huge granite columns, not to mention the early nineteenth century.

Загадочная Александровская колонна Петербурга

According to the scientist, it simply adapted to the Alexander pillar, and therefore Montferrand did not build this monument, but it has adapted to something more ancient to him, and how all of this happened later in history that we know – apparently will remain a mystery for all future generations. Unless, of course, people will invent a time machine and learn to travel back in time. At least in order to know the true history of their society…

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