Near the «Zone-51» found «a hole in the ground with black tentacles around»

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Experts of the popular UFO community «Third Phase of Moon» has made another curious discovery.

Возле «Зоны-51» нашли «дыру в земле с черными щупальцами вокруг»

The researchers examined satellite images of the legendary air force base «Area 51» in Nevada, where the Americans, as many believe, conduct mysterious experiments on alien intelligence or alien technology. Suddenly, the experts ‘ attention was attracted by a strange object on a classified site, looks suspiciously like a scene from some sci-Fi horror movie.

Ufologists have carefully examined his discovery and told her about something very interesting to the public Internet:

We found a large hole in the ground from which comes a number of strange black tentacles. What we came across? Surely something escaped from «Area-51»? We believe that an alien creature, then subjected to experiments, was able to escape from the control of humans, and to aspire, as they say, «aimlessly». This means that it could be anywhere by now! This is very sad news. For anybody not a secret that the us military is periodically aircraft shot down a peaceful aliens and the survivors put on by guests from other planets inhuman experiments. Someday we will answer for it.

Skeptics assume that we are talking about common walks or spilled on the ground of oil, and the mysterious hole was dug with any purpose people, say, to collect the same oil. However, all these arguments of the skeptics too far-fetched. No matter how fabulous the assumptions of ufologists, they seem much more possible than nonsense about some spills…


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