Fire in the Serbian monastery left untouched faces of the saints

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A couple of days ago in the Serbian village of Kakapo of Pinskogo County was a mysterious phenomenon, which the locals considered a true religious miracle.

Пожар в сербском монастыре оставил нетронутыми лики святых

In a residential building of the monastery of St. Elijah in the village, there was a fire. Firefighters, who arrived on a call, and put out the fire found in the attic of buildings burnt icons. However, here’s what is surprising: the faces of the saints depicted in these images were untouched by the flames.

We are talking about icons of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and of the Apostle Peter. Many monks and parishioners of an Orthodox monastery, founded in the 13th century, are convinced that the saints were not injured in the fire according to God’s will. The news of the alleged miracle quickly spread around the area thanks to the conversations of the faithful (word of mouth). At the moment, the Christians come here for many kilometers from other villages and cities, to personally look at the unusual images, to touch with my Church miracle.

Пожар в сербском монастыре оставил нетронутыми лики святых

However, some members of the local congregation was able to find what happened quite a rational explanation. According to skeptics, the faces of the saints was not burned, for the simple reason that they are all covered with pure gold, which naturally does not burn. Anyway, the monastery is now more concerned about the restoration of a lost fire building. To do this, you will probably need money from the state Treasury and the generous donations of parishioners.

However, I think, a miracle has happened with icons will help to restore the building of the monastery of St. Elijah, may the believers say, this was not by chance: and a fire, and untouched icons, and spreading the word about them. Here is how this is interpreted? Maybe it is a sign, is needed to strengthen people’s faith in Jesus Christ and in God in General?..


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