Out of the ground in Hawaii sees a mysterious blue fire

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Из-под земли на Гавайях вырывается загадочный синий огонь

For nearly a month in Hawaii raging Kilauea volcano, flood, tropical American, lava, falling asleep with ashes and grass all alive with clouds of toxic gases .

Now the rescuers had no time yet to evacuate local residents are still witnessing a very mysterious phenomenon: in the areas affected by the cataclysm, the earth was to escape the strange fire blue. Russian-speaking journalists, using the power of our great and mighty language, they write that Hawaii literally and figuratively are now burning with a blue flame.

Experts say that the fire was of such an unusual shade arose from the burning of methane, which goes to the surface through cracks in the earth. Local authorities, upon hearing this, was disturbed, thinking that accumulating in the soil combustible gas can cause serious fires and even explosions.

However, not all believe in a materialistic explanation for this phenomenon. Some eyewitnesses suggest that the reason may be nature spirits, demonic lights or even aliens. Too unusual looks such a picture, especially at night: it certainly frightens and fascinates…

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