New Russian weapons «Alabuga» worse than a nuclear bomb

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Новое оружие России «Алабуга» - страшнее атомной бомбы

Western publications, among which was the famous British tabloid «Daily Star» this fall fearfully announced to the world that Russia has a weapon that surpasses a nuclear bomb. It was about electromagnetic rocket with a strange and rather terrible name «Alabuga», like a Mace on the head of the enemies and adversaries of our country .

What is the superiority of the «Bulava», which was developed by the concern «Radioelectronic technologies»? Rocket «Alabuga», shooting at an altitude of about 300 meters, is able to display all enemy electronics (and hence all the military equipment) within a radius of 4-5 kilometers. Moreover, all electronic devices not just disabling (at the time), and almost burned forever.

As «enthusiastic and fearful» describe «Alabuga» Western journalists, the latest Russian weapons can easily take down a whole army, resulting in the useless all of modern military equipment, and even, allegedly, can cause detonation, and hence the undermining of ammunition, and to destroy the living force, takes refuge in the depth up to hundred meters.

The inventors of this ultra-modern weapons was not disclosed while neither its real capabilities, not her actual power. However, reliable one – such weapons Russia has, and for a long time, but for various reasons it why it is not accepted on arms of VS of the Russian Federation. Or is it just a mystery for foreign media?

Новое оружие России «Алабуга» - страшнее атомной бомбы

How realistic is all of that described by Western journalists? It is quite enough to remember the old experiment of the United States, which blew up in 1958 in space thermonuclear charge 1.9 MT, resulting in a powerful impulse electronmagnetic disabled then nine satellites, and in the Hawaiian Islands and Australia «broke» almost all the electronics and even partially damaged power supply. Rocket «Alabuga» works on the same principle of creating electronmagnetic pulses, and a nuclear warhead, but without any explosion and the corresponding implications for the environment.

We offer you to review the documentary film «Russian weapons of the future: on sea, on land, in the air,» which perfectly demonstrates what constitutes modern Russian weapons, proving that we have «Alabuga», and maybe something even much more serious and dangerous for the enemy. However, you know one thing something openly show the enemy, even to allow some leakage of information, and quite another actually to have in case of war…

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