On Mars, found the «stone wizard»

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На Марсе нашли "каменного волшебника"

The famous specialist on unidentified flying objects, Scott Waring, who has long explores a similar phenomenon in Taiwan, shared with the people of the new material, that mystery which, in the opinion of users of social networks, just rolls. The researcher asked the public to look remarkable pictures with a figurine in the form of a man in conical hat on Mars, which hit the lens aircraft Assembly National space Agency. Expert on extraterrestrial oddities as supporters of his hypotheses, does not doubt that the footage shows something man-made. The finding of the stone was in the hands of representatives of NASA through the Mars Rover «Curiosity».

Interestingly, the experts from the Agency did not attach any importance to the mysterious sculpture, and even, perhaps, did not notice her. At least, as stated by the UFO, he miraculously managed to see the rock element, the height of which, as defined, does not exceed 40 cm. Given the distance from which was made the frame, it’s safe to say that the «man in the hat» photo really is incredibly difficult to notice compared to other Martian rocks. According to Scott, he just got lucky with that. Currently, a popular writer carefully explores footage of the amazing moment with the rest of the representatives of UFO organizations also are interested in this story.

However, skeptical people don’t think to believe that «the man in the hat» appeared thanks to the residents of the red planet. According to them, their role in the current situation could have parabolicheskie illusion, without which, they claim, there are many of the previous inferences Waring. But the proponents of the Waring is not ready to accept this point of view, because the stone statue are too much like the magician in the hat. Some of the fans of the researcher even admitted that some of the pictures shown to them before that, really as it was still possible to challenge, however, to give the illusion that what was seen on Mars now, they just do not dare. Scott, as those who understand it, know for sure that nature would never have been able to create the most accurate human form.

Scott Waring is one of the most popular media personalities associated with the different mysteries concerning the possible existence of extraterrestrial civilization. Expert on UFOs ceased to be an active user of the Internet, as it was before, and even closed his website, thanking everyone who was interested in the news that it was published. By the way, unidentified flying objects this man closely involved in and today, continuing to spread in Twitter pictures taken by NASA, and find them strange objects. Scott also believes that the government of the United States of America hides from people the fact of the existence of aliens.

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