The mysterious «designer» pre-Inca civilization Huari

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Загадочный «конструктор» доинкской цивилизации Уари

In the province of Ayacucho, Peru are ruins of pre-Inca civilization, which scholars call Huari. And these ruins amaze researchers strange blocks, which resemble items of children’s designer, but the huge size and in that condition, when most of its components are lost, and therefore to build something is almost impossible .

Загадочный «конструктор» доинкской цивилизации Уари

These blocks of stone, scattered over a vast territory, surprised scientists with its nepostizhimym riddles:

  • first, they are all unusual shapes, clearly artificial (nature just doesn’t waste his forces), as if made «under punching», and some «stones» have a shocking shape in the form of a slightly elongated letter «U»;
  • second, some units drilled round holes are quite similar and, surprisingly, very smooth, as if all this is done with a huge drill giant stonecutter.

Загадочный «конструктор» доинкской цивилизации Уари

Which meant these «building blocks» and remains a mystery, despite all the attempts of scholars and independent researchers. However, how and with what tools it was done.

Regarding the first issue, some researchers of this mysterious «designer» there is an assumption that all its parts was intended for the construction of the aqueducts. However, to confirm this hypothesis is not yet possible, because not found any ancient conduit of these or at least similar stone blocks.

Загадочный «конструктор» доинкской цивилизации Уари

No less difficult is the second question: the fact that the Huari civilization existed 500 years before our 1000 years of our era, and she did not even know of the wheel, not to mention writing (to convey some information about yourself). How these half-civilized tribes could create such a complex stone structures, using as complex technique of processing them is not clear.

Загадочный «конструктор» доинкской цивилизации Уари

Finally, the last mystery remains, why all these details were not collected in the fantastic plan of «designer» which, apparently, still existed? What prevented this? And most importantly – who?..

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