Scientists have discovered why in the Amazon in flocks of the birds gather different types of

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Ученые выяснили, почему в Амазонии в стаи собираются птицы разных видов

Many birds live in flocks, each bird species – its pack. But this rule does not apply to Amazon: here birds of different species gather in mixed flocks, and that the Commonwealth is very stable .

You get to a certain habitat of birds in the Amazon twenty years later, says the Professor at the University of California Vance Vredenburg (Vance Vredenburg), and to his surprise noticed that the same areas of the forest are all the same flock, all with the same set of different kinds of birds. Why?

The latest research confirmed their hunch that these mixed flocks gather not by chance, they had the strict order, where every species of bird performs a certain role, but in General, this allows the pack to consistently exist, preventing certain catastrophic consequences.

For example, birds Thamnomanes ardesiacus — grey shrub esperito, says the author conducted research Ari Martinez (Ari Martinez), in such mixed flocks in the Amazon perform the role of a sentinel, to warn others of the approach of a predator. We were caught and taken to the time of such watchmen and other birds immediately reacted to it. They soon or have joined other flocks, where there was a sentinel esperito, or retreated to safer areas, where the need to guard is not as badly needed.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the bird-guards, which in this case are Thamnomanes ardesiacus, allow mixed flocks in the Amazon to settle in the less safe areas without much risk, and this increases the habitat of the birds, expanding their food base and other opportunities.

In such flocks, presumably, writes in an article about the previous study (Ecology publication) co-author of this work, Eliseo Parra (Parra Eliseo), and all other species of birds are endowed with some powers (each species is engaged in the business needed by the community). Just sentinel are the easiest to identify since the main danger for birds comes of course from predators.

Here and talk about stupid and dopey birds that supposedly live by instinct and know nothing more. Or is it the person himself knows a little more about the world around him, inventing a story once that he is the king of nature?..

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