What do you imagine?

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Чего бы такого вообразить?

The term «visualization» until recently, actively used only in the esoteric. «Magical» direction involves work with visual images to achieve the result. The brighter the picture appears before the eye, the faster you get what you want. Suppose you want a new car. So she «arrived» in your life, you need not just dream about it, and to imagine a new car in every detail. We are not just order of the Universe desire, and mentally draw it in detail: what brand is the car, what color is painted, and so on. Only in this case, the request sent to the global information space will receive a prompt and accurate response.

Through visualization you can order whatever you want, say esotericism: from her husband, to a country house. Most importantly, carefully consider the layout of the cottage and to provide a list of necessary qualities of the future spouse.

I must say that this shaped the interaction technique with the Universe under force far not to everyone. To visualize you need to have developed abstract thinking and rich imagination.

Recently, the imaging is increasingly used not only in the occult Sciences. Psychologists have taken this term into service and actively use in their practice to help get rid of fears, bad habits or to stop panic attacks.

How does it work? Psychologists say that positive changes occur as a result of the interaction of the patient with the image and its transformation.

Suppose you have a headache. CT and magnetic resonance imaging show that organic brain lesions no. Hence, the pain arises at the level of somatic sensations. You can remove the attack with a pill, but you can get rid of the pain using visualization.

Imagine that pain is a fiery rim, a crown of thorns or other foreign body, opoaryuse miserable, splitting in TWAIN the skull. And then also mentally, try to get rid of it. Remove it, loosen the pressure, jerk the head, like a broken cap. By the way, than not bright and clear image – cap, which presses on the ears, whiskeys and a neck! One hand pulls off her and remove the pain.

This can be done, with practically any discomfort and pain symptoms. For example, to pacify the wrong time razvalivshis tooth. Tighten with a visit to the dentist is not necessary, but at least at night, before going to the clinic you will be able to sleep. Can you imagine the pain and how to remove it? All depends on imagery thinking and the imagination of man. Can use magic passes hands, imagining that twisting the tooth from the gums. Can impose on him the temporary filling that block pain. Yes, anything! Importantly, the visualization worked.

In the middle of the last century on the Soviet stage shone the famous mnemonist W. This man had not only a unique talent for memorizing huge amounts of information. Bright creative thinking allowed him to easily transform bodily sensations from unpleasant to neutral. He could have dental treatment without anaesthetic. Just imagine that the drill bites into someone else’s tooth, and the pain was gone by itself. «Mnemonista», i.e. a person demonstrating a phenomenal memory, he became thanks to his ability to visualize and fantasize. Š have developed own system of characters by which structured information in the head, and at the right moment gave her to the surprised amusement of the public.

Of course – this is a unique case, such people are born once in a century. But light exercises under force to perform almost everyone.

All who once faced with insomnia one way or another, resorted to visualization. I’m talking about popular way to fall asleep ‒ terms of fictional sheep. When you’re counting virtual sheep, before the mind’s eye up real images. When someone complains that the sheep don’t help me sleep – it means that a person lacks imaginative perception of reality.

How to check yourself for the presence of visualization. Take a simple example: imagine that before you a large, red, ripe and juicy Apple. Here I take a knife and cut the fruit into two parts. In all directions Squirting sweet juice, and in the air, hear the characteristic ringing sound of breaking flesh. If reading these lines, you don’t just see an APPLE and felt as his mouth filled with saliva and wanted to eat it – you have a rich imagination. No matter, I would have written about Apple, lemon or watermelon, people with the developed imagination enough sometimes to hear or read the description, they immediately know what was going on.

Such people can easily manage themselves: to get rid of a headache, raise or lower body temperature, blush and pale on the order.

Psychologists say that we are all blessed with a vivid imagination. Remember how as children we were scared to shivers of horror stories about the «black hand». Over time, the brain learns to distinguish false fears from real and gives the body the command «enable» goosebumps and shiver in terror. In the mind of every adult is a clear filter, which carefully separates the imaginary from the real. When we watch a horror movie, inner censor, assessing the situation, concludes that it’s all «pretend». Crowded cinema continues to eat popcorn and cotton candy. But surely you’ve noticed that the hall will be those who are scared? And it’s not necessarily small children. Don’t know about you, but I horror movies and thrillers dislike. Though assures me the inner censor that all is fiction, I feel uncomfortable. In particularly terrible cases, and I close my eyes!

It is because of rich imagination not only did I flinch while watching horror movies, but know how to relieve a headache from their friends.

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