Login Kochkarev, and Dmitriy Silin: Unknown Russian predictors

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Prophets and fortune tellers many have heard about the Bulgarian Vanga, the mystical Rasputin, and if you touch the darker centuries, Nostradamus or, if for Russia, Saint Basil the blessed. About these personalities, and written numerous articles. However, history has lost dozens of people, who also possessed supernatural powers and could see into the Future and predict events. But they are much less fortunate.

Information about these two Russian prophets came to us just a few paragraphs, and then due to the fact that these people caught the eye of those in power and their fate in the result, there was likely to be tragic.

Login Kochkarev

In January 1789, in Moscow there was an unknown person. He wore the monastic dress it was called Login Trifonov by Kochkareva, a native of the Circassian. Had 60 years, was «outwardly strong, swarthy face and black hair».

Логин Кочкарев и Дмитрий Силин: Неизвестные русские предсказатели

Passing the house of a merchant Ohlopkova in Zamoskvorechye, he stopped and threw in several handfuls of snow.

— In this house — he said on the house Ohlopkova — fire.

Kochkarev arrested as «prognostica and somnitelno man, sowing rumours». And the next day the house Ohlopkova «from unknown causes» burned to the ground. However, is it really the unknown was the reason? Is it because the house burned down that passerby, the clairvoyant in its prediction of «brought» misfortune?

About the incident reported to the Governor-General of Moscow P. D. Eropkin. The General wanted to personally interrogate Kochkarev.

— Who are you? — strictly asked the prisoner the Governor-General.

— The wanderer of God, ‘ replied the prisoner.

— How do you know that will burn down the house?

— I don’t know, said Kochkarev. — It seemed to me that the house is already burning.

— Can you say, what can I expect in these days? — interested Eropkin.

— You will be a great joy — said Kochkarev. And no longer than tomorrow.

Really, the next day Eropkin received the highest gift — a gold snuffbox with portrait of the Empress, sprinkled with precious stones. And again it was impossible to say that this is only a prediction? And if «zoom», the strange man, predicting, may cause the event and far less joyful. The house of the merchant-Ohlopkova burned.

To avoid unhappiness and further prophecies, «pilgrim of God» was signed by the General in prison. And not just in prison, and in a secret chamber.

Anyway, this event was presented to the Governor-General is significant enough and anxious to hurry to report it to St. Petersburg, the Empress Catherine I.

«Here was a man, wrote Eropkin, in monastic garb, calling himself a… by Kochkareva. This man predicted expressed to me the mercy of Your Majesty, and many other different titles of the Moscow people the tacos their fate is thoroughly and clearly explained, and some prophesied events have already occurred.» In this dispatch from the Empress received was the immediate response: «Send this man to us with a return courier».

Straight from the secret chamber of the prophet were transmitted to the crew, who proceeded to the capital. In addition to his unwitting companion, Kochkarev, the courier was taken to the Palace another letter to the General. What he wrote could not be left to the Empress:

«…this man, with all his insight and wonderful gift of divination of the future, damaging consequences to create, because predicted that in 1812 Russia was going to invade countless enemy forces and take Moscow, which will not remain stone upon stone. From this predictions can occur a great confusion in the minds.»

Information about the fate of the diviner fragmentary and stingy. It is only known that in Petersburg he was subjected to «deliberate» the observation of local doctors and scientists. The interest of this person showed, as far as can be judged, and the Empress.

«Peter D.! — wrote the Empress Eropkina. — You sent Kochkarev is man unusual. He and we predicted that in 1812 there will be war with the destruction of Moscow, and that this war will end with our victory. He predicts another war in the early twentieth century, many Nations…»

As you can see, the right was Login Kochkarev, fulfilled his predictions. But what became of him is unknown.

Dmitry Silin

In all ages the attitude to prophecies by the rulers and rulers were ambivalent. On the one hand, they would like to look beyond the veil of time, but was afraid to cause lurking there and waiting for their misfortune. That’s why those of seers who are still doing this, had to be prepared to pay for their insolence.

The names of those who decided to devote his prophetic gift hectic confrontation between rulers and their favorites, we find today in the criminal records, court books and «investigative matters» in those years. They, the «search business», kept the name «sorcerer Dmitry Silin,» who lived during the childhood of Peter I.

Dmitry Silin for three years concealed in his cell, the monk Sylvester Medvedev.

Логин Кочкарев и Дмитрий Силин: Неизвестные русские предсказатели

He is the monk was a man famous for learning in his time. The sorcerer kept to himself so that he gave him, as we would say today, political forecasts.

«And Sylvester Medvedev — says «investigative work», — told him to watch the sun: «What de will Prince Golitsyn, and whether it will be for Moscow a king, and he, Sylvester, Patriarch?» And he Xiling, Sylwestrowy words, went to the Ivanovo belltower dogdy Great and the sun was smaterial.

And in the sun he saw in the great sovereigns crowns, as usual, on their heads, and Prince Vasili Golitsyn crown was wound around the Breasts and back and from the side, and he, the Prince, stood dark and went to the wheel; and tsarevna Sophia Alexeevna was sad and troubled; and Sylvester dark; and Fedor Shaklovity stood Pavese head, and meant him it was going to die soon, and she still Golitsyn…»

Then Sylvester Medvedev told Silin to look at the sun and wonder:

«will the Prince Golitsyn Vasily happiness in the campaign against the Crimean Tatars or not?» And Xiling sun looked with a prayer: God and gracious, mother of God mother of God, and the Holy Trinity, and of Michael the Archangel and all the powers of heaven, show me what I’m up to: over vasilem Prince Golitsyn that Buda — whether it any good or not? — And the sun appeared, that the Prince Vasily that happiness nikakova not only he gosudarstwo the Treasury to spend and people to somnet.»

Sylvester Medvedev sent like Silina and Vasily to Prince Golitsyn. Here is told about this visit Xiling interrogation on the same «case»:

«I de to Prince Vasili came, and the Prince asked whether it will be for Moscow a great man? And I told him that neither started, that is not spitza, — bolshii did not».

Old leaves «search business», pisarska script, old letters kept by these speeches, written under torture. Then, on March 7, 1691, the Prince Vasily Golitsyn had to answer the question «about galatella and the serpent Silina Mitki». Moreover, it was said, Prince, that in the case of denial would be him, the Prince, torture.

And although as time went on, the manners become milder, prediction, and when it concerned the rulers and the authorities, remained a dangerous business.

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