Shot the Royal family?

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Расстреляли ли царскую семью?

Sometimes historians can be heard very bitter phrase that history as sales girl was subject to any of the next «king». With regret, we should admit that Russian history was rewritten many times. Hired, stakeholders, historians, shamelessly, copied events, the fate of many people. The time of the Soviet Union was no exception.

Today has bit by bit collect information about real events and pass them to people interested in the real history of the country. Time flies very quickly, reducing the chance of finding the true information.

Many years discussing the life and fate of the last Russian Emperor and his family. We are ready to offer You a new version of those distant events.

For example, as it turned out, the abdication of Nicholas II was fake. The text printed by high-ranking military in the Rate of the king, and signed it not Emperor of Russia, and Minister Borys Fredericks. After a few days the elite of the clergy, betrayed his king, knowing that the document was fake and declared it real, and announced the abdication of the Emperor throughout the Empire. And although for the most part, the higher part of the Russian army the fate of the monarch was indifferent, yet there were officers who came to the rescue of Nicholas II. This began a rift in the Russian army, which led, subsequently, to split the entire Russian society. Whether this process of disintegration of the largest and most influential state in the world any foreign intervention? Not possible!

One of the open enemies of the Russian state was the Rothschild family, who did not hide their interest in the destruction of the center of Russian control. And the key step of this plan was the destruction of the Sovereign. For what it had the most influential global financiers? In foreign accounts of the Royal family were kept at the time, a fabulous sum in gold. Really did not want the bankers to return the Royal gold in Russia and did not pay rent for the use of the values. And this could only happen in the event of the death of the entire Royal family. In addition, the death of the Royal family were profitable and their foreign relatives to the Royal house of great Britain, because they became heirs of untold riches of Russia.

Let us leave without discussion, whose hands had made this inhuman plan.

After the revolution, all who betrayed the king, punishment: they were either killed by the Bolsheviks, or become exiles, and never returned to the country. The Church, who betrayed Nicholas II was also subjected to repression. In 1919, Lenin signed a decree which until now was confidential. In it, he ordered Dzerzhinsky to commit to all clergy and religion. The existing temples should be either closed or turned into warehouses.

But as it turned out, the Bolsheviks harbored hatred to the king and supposedly saved the life of the last Russian sovereign. So, in 90 years of the last century appeared the evidence that the Royal family could escape from the Ipatiev house: close to home, where she lived under the supervision of the family of the last Emperor, was a small factory which the Ipatiev house was led by an underground passage. Dug it for the reason that the owner was very afraid of the attack of the revolutionaries. When on the orders of Yeltsin, the house began to destroy, construction equipment unexpectedly fell in the tunnel…

No less interest and the following historical fact. When Kolchak’s troops took Ekaterinburg in 1918, he was ordered to investigate the murder of the Emperor. His subordinates soon gave him the report, which indicated that no shooting was not. But as it turned out, Kolchak was best the death of the king, so he gave the order to find evidence of the death of the Emperor. Then was invented the theory that the bodies of the entire Royal family was thrown into a deep pit filled with acid.

Know about this fraud abroad? Yes. Found telegram, Ambassador to the English throne, who reported to his government that the Royal family left Ekaterinburg and taken to Perm.

Why did the Soviet government for many decades: it is all about the execution of the Royal family?

Historians believe that the reason for this scenario you need to look in the classified section of the Brest peace Treaty. Unfortunately, the full text of the Treaty was not in German nor in the English archives. Perhaps it determined the further fate of the Imperial family. We can only guess what the Emperor Wilhelm demanded his extradition of his cousin — the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. As daughters of the king had no right to inheritance, the Bolsheviks saw them as a threat and most likely allowed them to leave the country, but the men remained in Russia, as a guarantee that the German army would not, in future, be at war with Russia. The more the king could become a bargaining chip in negotiations with the West. Lenin was also aware of the ability of the king to pass the state’s huge gold reserves, the keys of which were in the hands of Nicholas II. Such arguments are logical.

It is possible that the money subsequently and was conducted by accelerated industrialization of the country.

In the publication under the President of the Russian Federation in the 90 years was published conclusive investigation, which again confirmed the theory that the family of the last Russian Tsar survived.

How was the fate of male members of the Royal family?

According to made available the documents related to his cottage in Sukhumi Stalin built near the house, previously owned by the Royal family. He often came there to meet, who lived there, Emperor. According to the recollections of a security guard, Stalin, Nicholas II in the uniform of an officer often came to the Kremlin to the Soviet leader. The Emperor and adviser to the Soviet leader died in 1958 and was buried in Nizhny Novgorod.

But the most amazing destiny was the Tsarevich Alexei. Over time, he successfully and quietly took the radical changes brought to the country by the Bolsheviks, and began to serve his country. Yes, he had and exit the other was not! Historian C. Zelenkov conducted its own investigation and described how the Tsarevich Alexei became a soldier with the name of Kosygin. During the chaos of Civil war to accomplish such a forgery was not difficult. Stalin considered the young boy a great potential and began to promote it on economic lines. In 1942 Kosygin provided for the evacuation of people and values from the encirclement of Leningrad. As a teenager, Alex went on the Royal yacht on lake Ladoga, and it did come in handy when he organized the now famous, the road on the ice of the lake to provide food and ammunition residents and defenders of the city on the Neva. In 1949 Alex could suffer from the hands of Malenkov when the last of the «Leningrad affair». But Stalin brought Kosygin from the blow, sending in supposedly urgent business trip to Siberia. Kosygin was out of party Affairs, it is not surprising that he remained on quite high positions after Stalin’s death. Kosygin has become an indispensable handyman under Khrushchev and Brezhnev. He served as head of the Russian government for a long time – 16 years! The economy of the state grew stronger and was strong enough to withstand difficult periods in the life of the country.

In the 90-ies in the Italian media had posted information about the death of the closest to the Pope a nun. Previously, my spiritual father, she admitted she is the daughter of Nicholas II Olga. Princess Olga found their final resting place in the cemetery of a small Italian village under the name of Marcotte. The fate of the remaining children of Nicholas II are not yet known.

The researchers believe that in the Nizhny Novgorod archives are 12 gold certificates, if applicable, which the world financial system simply collapse, and Russia will get incredibly a lot of money. In 1993, a British search firm told the Russian government that it has documents confirming the right of Russia to $400 billion, which are in foreign banks. Will Russia be able to take advantage of the king’s treasures, time will tell.

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