Meeting with the «man-hare»

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«I only recently became interested in the paranormal,» writes American researcher of the cryptids Heart Strickler man with the initials FP, — «It started after I saw some strange things. I’m not crazy and did not invent anything, I’m just trying to understand what I saw and did with it something.

Over the past six months I have twice seen «It». I don’t do drugs, or drugs that cause hallucinations, and are sane. However, I saw it. For the first time this happened last October on a Sunday. My job had to go very early, so at three a.m. I decided to walk the dog.

I stood on my front porch and my dog was running around nearby, when I saw this creature. It was moving in the darkness in the distance down the alley. It was very cold and also raining, so the weather was such that rare person not in great need out in our little town on the street. Especially on a Sunday.

And it was not even human. It looked like a man in a plush suit rabbit, he had big ears and powerful legs. I mean this creature reminded the hare of the horror film «Donnie Darko». It was from me at a distance of 200-300 feet (60-90 metres) and was moving much unnatural.

Встречи с "человеком-зайцем"

It walked slowly, swaying from side to side, as if in automatic mode and bent in the back. I was looking at it being 5 seconds, and then it looked at me as if sensing my gaze. And I couldn’t understand, it’s his face or his mask. It was sort of a mean human face, but it led me in horror.

Nabegavshis, I pulled on a leash to fit to my dog who seemed to not notice the creature. May be because it ran to the side, or for another reason, I don’t know. Usually she vividly responds to the slightest rustle of a bird or another dog. It took me ten seconds to drive the dog home.

Then I looked again in the direction where the creature was and I saw him in another place, standing behind a tree on the land of my neighbor. Now it was from me only at a distance of about 50 feet (15 meters). With his speed he could not get there so fast.

I hid in the house and very much not wanted to go to work that day. I was very scared and then tried to convince myself that it was all a hallucination. I forced myself to go and sit in the car. Then I tried to forget about it after a few sleepless nights and convinced myself that it was probably some junkie in a suit.

Six months passed and I almost forgot about the «man-hare», but last weekend I went out to walk the dog in city Park in the afternoon. The Park was a half hour walk from my house and stretched along the Mississippi river, and the my city is in southern Illinois.

There on the shore there is an old wooden building, something like a cabin, I’m not sure it’s still being used or abandoned. We walked beside her for about half an hour and my dog is already out of breath, his long, heavy coat and he gets tired when running around a lot. So we turned home.

And then next to the cabin, I again saw this «man-hare». He walked in the opposite direction from us on the trail past the cabin and everything was moving in the same strange and disturbing style. My dog this time noticed it and began to bark loudly and then I realized that it was not a hallucination and I’m not crazy, if my dog sees it too.

I again saw his face and although not able to see the details of it again horrified me, especially the wide smile on his face, coupled with big dark eyes.

I still don’t know what it was when I tried to talk about «man-hare» to their friends, no one believed me. And no I have no proof, I didn’t even think to take a picture of him, my hands in both cases was the busy dog leash».

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