The case of the postman from Hamburg

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Dieter Gerhardt was a postman in the Altona district on the outskirts of Hamburg, is almost not affected by the barbaric bombing of 1944, which covered the entire city from the face of the earth. For many years, residents are accustomed to the fact that at the ninth hour of the morning he marched with the mail bag on your site.

In the autumn of 1960, he died suddenly. But a few days later, an hour before the arrival of the new mailman, Dieter appeared on his usual route. Not all the counter knew that he was dead, so was surprised that the bag is empty and he does not go to the entrances to spread out Newspapers and letters.

German postman of yesteryear. Thematic photo

Случай с почтальоном из Гамбурга

In the evening in the pub a story about when Dieter was met with distrust; but his old pals decided the next morning to check it out. And what? Dieter appeared, but was completely uncommunicative — I walked past without answering questions. Then turned the corner and disappeared. Rumors have spread in the district, someone called on the radio and TV.

The next day, the spectre had a crowd of the curious, and reporters. But he did not appear… there was a clash between witnesses previous appearances and skeptics. Even went to police intervention. In the following days Dieter expect not only lovers of the mysterious, but professional parapsychologists and police inspector.

The Ghost appeared at the time, he passed by and rounded the corner. There he was greeted by two groups of friends first subsequently claimed that he turned the corner, the other that it did not appear. The dispute stopped the guest from Munich, Professor Bender, who came to Hamburg in the message about the Ghost.

Shortly before that, he managed to get hold of one of the witnesses, tried to grab the Dieter’s sleeve. Professor for many years engaged in the poltergeist and other abnormal phenomena, the leading Parapsychological Institute.

Now a witness was a representative government — his report was set in motion, and launched an investigation. Sensation still held — have been sent to European media. Relatives of the Dieter, frightened by the demands for the exhumation of the deceased, was comforted by an interview parapsychologists on television.

Professor Bender explained to the people of Hamburg that such phenomena are not rare, have no relationship to the forces of evil and obscure only because of the desire of a narrow circle of relatives, colleagues, neighbors to keep what is happening secret. He said that there are different manifestations of the «return to the living world», but visible, three-dimensional phantom is the most impressive.

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The question is not whether the appearance of a Ghost in some of sinister omen, the Professor replied that such data are not available. When you try to touch the phantom witness did not feel anything, except the intense cold.

In the following years Dieter appeared repeatedly. Residents of the area, including children, avoid contact with the «dead pismenosti», as it was believed that if he enters any house, one of the tenants dies.

Journal articles and notes in the occult editions of this history have acquired a lot of speculation details. Parapsychologists were expressed specifically emphasizing the ordinariness of this case.

By the way, I made many pictures, which subsequently were compared with in vivo, identifying the absolute resemblance of the living Dieter with a phantom. A detailed description of research this case has graced the latest edition of the book of Professor Bender’s «Poltergeist in modern times».

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