Aliens in a nearby house

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This story was posted on an American UFO website MUFON July 7, 2017. The events described in it, according to the author occurred shortly before. The place of action the Santa Cruz, California.

«Today I was resting at home, when I looked casually out the window and noticed there is a movement across the street from my house. I have Windows overlook a small street where there’s a lot of trees. Hard to say who, I noticed, I thought they were people and they were dressed in dark camouflage uniforms, something like that, that are division SWAT (us special forces) and they also had some yellow letters on the clothes.

Пришельцы в соседнем доме

Their figures concealed the trees and I barely saw them for the leaves, I just saw that it was moving — very finely trembling like leaves in the wind. I was scared of it. I thought maybe they’re watching my house or something, I had no idea what was going on.

I watched them for about 5-10 minutes, went out into the street, carefully crouching next to my fence and looking at them through the gap. And at some point they think I noticed because I heard a sharp signal similar to the alarm that he heard them on the radio or on the radio.

After that, they began to quickly descend from the tree, some rope, and I saw sitting high up in a tree man in a blue jacket. Then they all disappeared from my sight and it was all very strange, but what happened next was even more snogsshibatel. I raised my head and began looking for where they went, and saw something very high on the side where there was a backyard of my neighbors.

It was a very tall woman with very long light hair, and dressed in a gray-and-white tight fitting jumpsuit, which was unusual oval behind the veil (cover) that went around her head and reached down to the feet. On the back it seemed solid, and below the edge was a pattern. It wasn’t really cloth, but I find it difficult to say what it was.

The woman’s eyes seemed unusually large and she was standing perfectly still, but suddenly a little closer together and I thought I noticed near it near a small growth of a humanoid, dressed in the same jumpsuit. They were in the shadows of the fence and it was very difficult to make out details, although the sun was shining bright.

I looked in the direction where a tree previously stood a «special forces» and I saw next to the fence someone of small stature with a strange skin color. It almost was not visible from outside the fence, but I saw a large head with large forehead and eyes, seemed made of some shining material. The eyes were very large and a bit more rounded than usually draw these «alien eyes».

Пришельцы в соседнем доме

He stood and looked right at me, and I somehow decided to wave his hand and what I was doing. In response, he raised his hand with very long fingers and waved in response. And then waved again. I was so shocked, shook his head, trying to make sure I don’t sleep and that I don’t think. When I looked again there he was already moved away from the fence.

I decided to go home and rest after these shocks. Went up to the top floor and lay looking at the branches of a large oak that loomed over my house. And then I saw the leaves the same shake, which was noticed earlier, the «commandos». But this time it was not dressed in dark camouflage of a humanoid, but something small, it climbed up the tree on the thin branches.

It was difficult to see because it was almost the same color as the bark of a tree with dark green veined foliage. He had a strange skin, covered with some kind of texture or scaly, the face was small and angular and on the head was something like short horns or antennae. Mouth was very small but open and I saw a lot of small sharp teeth. In General appearance it resembled a man of small stature.

While I consider this creature, I noticed another movement in the trees and realized that it not one. Other branches climbed up a few of these «men». To see them was very difficult, the light fell bad, they quickly climbed to the top and almost stopped moving, almost merging with the foliage.

I tried to consider them until my neck got sick from the stress and then I made a small break to stretch. But when I again looked at the top of the tree, and no one was there.

But my terrible experience is not over. That night I got up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and when glanced out the window toward the house of neighbors, he saw in the window of their house unnaturally long and lean figure, which in the moonlight seemed grayish-bluish. It was looking in my direction, it seems right to me.

It took me by surprise and I instinctively screamed from fear. I went from the kitchen to the bathroom and then looked out the window toward the house of neighbors. The creature still was there and looked in my direction. In great pain I decided to call his friend and told him everything. He excited no less than me, but then I decided to do nothing and go to sleep.

The next day it continued. I saw among the oak branches flying little ball and he barely touched the branch, he lightly shook or vibrated. I’d like to understand what all this meant! I assure you, it’s all true and I tried to describe everything as it was in the best of his understanding and capabilities. I have never seen anything like it».

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