Naupa Huaca, an ancient portal in Peru

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Near the Sacred valley of the Incas in the Peruvian mountains is the ancient monument Naupa Huaca (Naupa Huaca), built with such precision and in such a remote place that no one can explain how or why it was built.

Naupa Huaca is two artfully crafted stone «portal» and standing near them the ruins of the stone house. The first «portal» is a small niche in the rock, carved in stone so precisely and neatly, as if someone used an extremely advanced technology, creating almost perfect lines, smooth corners and a very smooth surface.

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

Looks like this niche is about «the door», as it leads nowhere, and it is unclear what it was created with the app so much effort. The niche is big enough that it could comfortably sit down even a large man.

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

Naupa Huaca has an incredible design, forcing again and again to ask questions about how much we know about Andean civilizations and their ancestors.

How they built these incredible structures? Why were they built? What type of technology was used? Did the ancients really used only stone and wooden tools to carve these almost perfect shape, to create as smooth surface and perfect line? Or are we missing something?

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

A few steps from the local rocks is the second wonder of ancient technology — stone, which with the same accuracy, as if cut with a laser, cut a much more complex geometric structure. It is also a bit like a false door, but he’s on the edges of the «door» two of the stone ledge, similar to the «armrests».

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

The intricate design and smooth surface like treated with laser, are breathtaking. These doors or portals are in a very remote place at an altitude of almost 3000 meters above sea level and the place was definitely not chosen randomly. Here are the so-called blue stones, and around them is mostly found only Sandstone.

The blue stone contains crystals that were used in early radios due to its excellent piezoelectric properties. This stone can also have magnetic properties.

Наупа Хуака - древний "портал" в Перу

Interestingly, a similar blue stone was also used in the construction of another mysterious ancient structure, Stonehenge. For some reason this building had to create it from blue stones, so the builders had to carry them 200 km away from another location.

In addition, archaeologists found evidence that the blue stones have been mined in a quarry for 500 years before they were brought to the place of construction of Stonehenge in Wiltshire. From which arose the theory that the stones were extracted for all other buildings, and Stonehenge became a stone second-hand.

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