Raccoons, zombies, killed a dog otter, hawks attacking people: In the US animals like crazy

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Over the past few months many cases completely strange and terrifying behavior of wild animals recorded in the United States of America.

So recently in northeast Ohio several people from Youngstown called the police and reported the raccoons that walk on their hind legs like people and creepy grin. Many have compared this behavior of the raccoons with the «walking zombie».

Moreover, it was reported that raccoons, after walking on his hind legs, fell to the ground dead, and lay so for some time. After rose and again started to walk on its hind legs. And this cycle can continue several times.

With the same intimidating behavior of a raccoon faced last week, photographer Robert Coggeshall (Robert Coggeshall), who played in the backyard with their dogs. This was the case April 4, reported the local branch of Fox News.

Photo of a raccoon»zombie», made by Robert Coggeshall

Еноты-зомби, убившие собаку выдры, ястребы, атакующие людей: В США животные словно сошли с ума

Suddenly Robert saw in his face on two hind legs goes nowhere holding a raccoon. The man called the dogs and hid them in the house. And then took the pictures moving on the hind legs of a raccoon.

«He walked on two hind legs, I’ve never seen raccoons do that. He grinned, and then fell to the ground, laid there, got up and in the same strange state moved back.»

The photographer watched «zombie»-a raccoon in the backyard for at least two hours before the police arrived and took the animal. In addition to posts Coggeshall there were still 14 of these messages. It was reported that all captured raccoons were subjected to euthanasia, as the representative of the Ministry of nature most likely it was the animals infected with distemper.

Reportedly, because of the disease in raccoons cramps and they are no longer afraid of people. The disease often leads to death of the animal. Fortunately for humans, this disease is not dangerous.

And in January in Atlanta for people and Pets suddenly started to attack owls. We know at least about these three strange cases. Each large owls attacked their victims from the air and left large scratches and lacerations.

It is reported that this behavior is atypical of owls, they hunt for large objects such as people or dogs. According to Susan Haig, a senior researcher at the U.S. Geological survey, on the behavior of the owls could influence the low temperature that destroyed their usual food like mice and rats.

Еноты-зомби, убившие собаку выдры, ястребы, атакующие людей: В США животные словно сошли с ума

The very first attack of the owls at the dog in Atlanta happened at the end of December 2017. Then the owl severely injured 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, who later died in a veterinary clinic from his wounds. Less than 2 weeks after this incident, another large owl attacked a woman walking with two dogs.

The owner of the dogs Deborah Johnson tearfully says she does not have time to go out like a stone from the sky menubase owl attacked her 20-pound Dachshund. But it was enough for a woman to try to protect the dog, the owl attacked and her one powerful thrust, dropped the woman to the asphalt.

The third officially recorded case was when an owl attacked a man who barely left his house in the southern part of Atlanta. Owl severely scratched the man’s head, claws. In this case, the dog was not there at all, and thus that person was her intended victim.

Another case of attacks on people birds of prey were recorded in March. Then instead of owls was the hawks and their victims in Fairfield, Connecticut, began a few people, where birds swooped down from the air and scratched heads with their sharp claws.

Еноты-зомби, убившие собаку выдры, ястребы, атакующие людей: В США животные словно сошли с ума

At the scene of the attack was left the officers for catching birds and trying to catch the aggressive hawks, but it is not specified whether these failed attempts.

Also in March, in St. Petersburg, Florida, local wild otters killed a dogthat was a beloved pet of a couple of pensioners.

But on the river Braden in the same Florida otter was attacked on the woman. In an interview with Fox13 injured 77-year-old sue Spector said that a wild animal pounced on her suddenly, when she quietly with her husband and with a group of people floated down the river on a boat-the kayak. The animal tried to hurt the woman with his sharp claws.

Sue’s husband said that he heard the startled cry of his wife so turned sharply, his boat capsized and he was in the water. But he would not let the oars out of his hands and tried to hit them the otter.

«I tried to hit the otter on the back, but she broke away from sue, and she continued to scream.»

Soon the boat sue rolled over and the woman was in the water and was very scared that now that otter sure claw her throat out. But fortunately, her husband continued the attack with the oar on the animal and the otter decided to swim away. Then sue had to go through a course of antibiotics and medicines against rabies.

Еноты-зомби, убившие собаку выдры, ястребы, атакующие людей: В США животные словно сошли с ума

It later emerged that the day before the incident with sue on another kayaker on this river otter attacked, too. It came to that Department of the state of Affairs of wildlife has issued a special warning for lovers of kayaking and kayaking on the river lives an aggressive otter (or otters).

All of these cases individually seem random, but all together over a period of just a few months look like there is something strange and sinister.

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