In Odessa noticed a huge «eye» in the sky

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В Одессе заметили огромный "глаз" в небе

Remarkable phenomena in the sky continue to amaze people from different countries, asking riddles not only public, but also researchers similar oddities. A few days ago representatives of UFO organizations took up the study of strange phenomenon, resulting in Ukrainian airspace. Photographs taken by eyewitnesses, clearly shows that appearance is strongly reminiscent of the eye. Giant eye immediately was the cause of fierce debate between the adherents of skepticism, and those who blames alien intelligence. However, much truth, as always, will be, of course, somewhere between the scientists working on flying saucers and other mysterious stories, and representatives from officially recognized science.

As the Ukrainian artist Olga Yarovaya, is the author of frame, nothing of the sort to remove the camera she wasn’t going. She simply watched the beauty of the sea in the background blackened by the night time sky. However, at some point before her eyes appeared a strange heavenly «pattern», much like a huge human eye. Olga immediately decided not to capture such does not, therefore quickly switched on the camera of the mobile device, while a spectacular education have not disappeared in the clouds. According to her, before anything like it had not seen, so seen not a little shocked her.

«Then it was pouring very heavy rain, and I had the impression that strange «all seeing eye» crying over the sea. At that moment I even said to myself: it may well be that I only think. I am an artist whose deep imagination so we can see our world not as it is other people do, but then looked at the picture and ceased to think so. The lens I noticed the same, though, and cannot boast of any consciousness or imagination. Or imagination the camera has actually? Delighted material received, I hastened to publish mysterious the social network Facebook that he was able to assess and many members are also interested in such things. I wonder what people will say about it. I do not rule out that earlier someone had already faced with similar phenomena. For me this experience is the debut and unique. And I want to know the mysterious nature of education,» — said Yarovaya.

As you know, a celestial phenomenon in the shape of a large human eyes before he felt the residents of different countries. Many believers took it as a sign and was sure that in heaven «the picture» hand of the Lord himself. People who do not believe in God or aliens, suggested that the culprit was the accidental formation of clouds, which created an amazing effect. Ufologists, in turn, then as now, are giving the weak a chance that a strange phenomenon in the sky is the handiwork of the «little green men», which in recent years too often have to remind people about yourself.

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