Incredible prediction about the future Stalin of Russia

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Stalin said and written a lot. Both good and bad. But few know about another gift from Joseph Stalin: he could foresee the development of events. And sometimes for many decades to come. As evidence let me offer the story of L. M. Kollontai, who at that time was the Soviet Ambassador to Sweden.

In March 1938, the world situation was extremely complicated and alarming. Nazi Germany in the eyes of the world unceremoniously seized Austria. And in September, encouraged by the universal silence of the Nazis had annexed to her territory and even the Sudetenland.

Невероятное предсказание Сталина о будущей России

Seeing as the Nazis inexorably approaching the borders of the USSR, the Soviet government began to look for allies in the West. However, the Anglo-franconevada talks, scheduled for may—August 1939, was thwarted, our proposal is to create anti-Hitler coalition had passed. In such circumstances, the leadership of the Soviet Union, trying to delay a military threat to its borders, accepted the offer of Germany to conclude a non-aggression Pact, which was signed in Moscow on August 23.

A week later, on 1 September 1939, Germany invaded Poland, initiating world war II. Realizing that peace with Germany is not eternal Soviet leaders tried to protect themselves from a blow to the back, before leading to a favorable outcome of negotiations with representatives of Finland, began in Moscow. But they were tight, the Finns are frankly played for time.

It was at this time Kollontai and came to Moscow to get first hand information about the real situation and instructions. However, her conversation with V. M. Molotov has brought few. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was convinced that the Finns we quickly horns broken off, and have nothing with them to talk anymore. However, as shown by the military actions, started in the same 1939, the victory in the «small war» has given us a lot of blood.

Annoyed this technique Kollontai, went to the hotel, intending to finish quickly all Affairs in Moscow to once again serve in Stockholm. But then the phone rang and the Secretary said that Stalin invites her to the Kremlin.

After a few minutes, specially sent a car quickly Kollontai from the main entrance of the hotel «Moscow» in the Kremlin. The owner of the office got up from your Desk, stepped toward her, shook hands and invited to sit. And he began the habit of pacing his office.

And as if anticipating possible questions, said that the six-month negotiations with the Finns in what have not resulted. In this regard, Stalin was advised to strengthen the work of the Soviet Embassy on the study of the situation in the Nordic countries, monitor the flow of agents of Germany in these countries, trying hard to avoid conflict with Finland.

However, Stalin said, «if we fail to prevent it, it will be short lived.» Time «persuasion» and «negotiation» was over. «It should be almost ready to resist to the war against Hitler,» he added.

The interview lasted more than two hours, recalled Kollontay. Stalin during this time touched on many issues. Particularly, the leader was concerned with the rearmament of the army and the role of the home front in the war, the need to strengthen vigilance on the border and inside the country. Emphasized that the future war will fall primarily on the shoulders of the Russian people.

Then Stalin began to think out loud about the role of personality in history, about the past and future, touched many names — from the great to Napoleon, also remembered Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan Kalita, Ivan the terrible, Peter the great, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov. He graduated from Marx and Lenin.

And then, as recorded Kollontai said the following:

«Many cases of our party and people will be distorted and spat upon, particularly abroad and in our country too. Zionism, anxious for world domination, will severely avenge us for our successes and achievements. He still sees Russia as a barbaric country, as a raw materials appendage. And my name will also be slandered, maligned. I attribute a lot of atrocities.

World Zionism will seek to destroy our Union to Russia has never been able to rise. The power of the Soviet Union — in the friendship of the peoples. The point of the struggle will be directed primarily at break of this friendship, on the outskirts of separation from Russia. Here, I must admit, we haven’t done. Here a large field of work.

With particular force to raise his head nationalism. He was for some time giving internationalism and patriotism, just for a while. There will the national groups within Nations and conflict. There will be many leaders of pygmy, traitors within their own Nations.

In General, the future development will go more complex and even frantic paths, the turns will be very steep. It goes to the fact that particularly excite East, there will be sharp contradictions with the West…»

Still Stalin was hoping that time will pass and new generations will once again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers, give them their due in full.

This conversation, later recalled Kollontay, has made a lasting impression on her and helped to navigate in the vortex of the soon coming terrible events.

We need to add to the above the following. It turns out, Stalin was well aware of the impending war with Germany, according to the reports of our scouts even knew exactly when it starts. But I didn’t want to believe it, hoping to somehow delay her start time to complete the rearmament of the red army. And still no time…

Невероятное предсказание Сталина о будущей России

About the same as Germany invaded suddenly, it was said in June of 1941, apparently in order to somehow explain why the very first minutes of war, our army was in such a difficult situation. And these words, mind you, was not said by Stalin and Molotov.

The very same Stalin once again demonstrated their remarkable sagacity in the spring of 1945, at the Potsdam conference, when he proposed to the heads of the US and the UK to discuss the issue of section… of the moon. They even had thought that he misheard or he misspoke Stalin and we are talking about the responsibility Germany. But he said, «On the division of Germany we have already agreed. I’m talking about the moon.»

And stressed that the Soviet Union has, this heavenly object of their species. That’s when, it turns out, actually began the moon race. And possess N.With. Khrushchev foresight of his predecessor, in 2009, would have celebrated, perhaps, 40th anniversary moon landing of Soviet cosmonauts, not American astronauts.

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