The most famous Russian bastard

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Самые известные российские байстрюки

Historians can tell you exactly how many bastards had Louis XIV and one such information is not shocking. The Russian rulers, too, life was clearly not godly. According to rumor, Catherine II had 7 illegitimate children, Nicholas — nine, Alexander II was 12 bastard.

The Russian Tsar Alexis was twice married. The ruler had 16 children. The most famous among them is the Emperor Peter I. However, as it turned out, the descendants of the «quietest» was much more. One of them was a close friend and associate of Peter the Great – Ivan Musin-Pushkin. The assumption of a close relationship with Ivan king was expressed by Prince Dolgoruky. Ivan was considered the son of Royal steward, but everyone knew about the «special» relationship of the king to the wife of the steward – Irina.

Ivan was born during the first marriage of Alexei Mikhailovich. There were indirect evidence of the words of Prince Dolgorukov. For example, Peter was often called Ivan «brother,» awarded him the title of count, introduced into the Senate, and also instructed the management of the Mint. Once, during a cheerful feast, he, pointing to Musin-Pushkin, said Ivan knows that they have the same father. Peter himself didn’t like to talk about their origins, because the rumors were that his father could be either Patriarch Joachim, or groom, or someone else…

And the Peter the Great is difficult to reproach with his behavior. He is credited with numerous illegitimate children not only in Russia but also abroad. Many have already heard the version that Mikhail Lomonosov was the son of Peter I. But the fact that in the veins of smart and talented commander Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky flows Peter blood, few knew. In the files of the war stated that he was born in Moscow, and, in fact, the Countess Maria Rumyantseva gave birth to a son in a small Transnistrian village, where on the orders of Peter I. And the name of the boy was in honour of my father Peter. The Emperor’s daughter – Elizabeth very warmly referred to as «half-brother». It was she, ascended the throne, made the young officer to the rank of Colonel and was awarded the title of count. His behavior, the young aristocrat was very much like his real father loved a loose life, constantly got into trouble. His official father was count Alexander Rumyantsev, constantly hinted on his desire to deprive of the inheritance and tried not to hear anything about the scandalous antics of her offspring.

Until now, biographers are discussing the children of Catherine II. In his memoirs, stored in the Royal archives, there is evidence that the real father of Paul I was an aristocrat, Sergei Saltykov. However, until now, this version is constantly refuted. The main argument is that Paul I had the characteristic features of Western Europeans who could not belong to Saltykov.

Among the bastards of Catherine II especially known Alexei Bobrinsky, whose father thought of count Orlov. The birth of a child kept in secret. The baby immediately after birth, gave a loyal servant to the Empress – Basil Skarinou. There is evidence that after many years, the Empress wrote Alex a letter in which he explained why hid the fact of his birth. Paul I warmly treated his «brother»: was canceled out of favor, conferred on him the title of count and was allowed to enter into the inheritance of his father – Grigory Orlov. Bobrinsky was the beginning of an amazingly necessary for Russia of the genus, members of which became prominent executives and politicians.

The rumor was attributed to Emperor Alexander I the fatherhood of 11 children. The most famous among them was General Nikolai Isakov. The official parents of the future military reformer was considered the teacher for horse riding and a graduate of Mary Institute of Karacharovo. But, convincing the resemblance of the boy with the Emperor is very much conspicuous. Besides, the Russian Czar forbade Isakov to care for his daughter, since he was confident in the relationship of girls with Nikolai Isakov. The bastard is easily passed through the ranks, thanks to the Royal family: he graduated from the Imperial military Academy, visited the Caucasian war, participated in the defense of Sevastopol, and received the rank of General, has carried out reform of military education has long been led by «Red cross».

About the mayor of St. Petersburg Fyodor TREMOVE said he was the bastard son of Emperor Nicholas I. the Reason for this opinion was the mysterious origin of the financial condition of the official. Besides, he was outstanding at the time the salary – 18 thousand roubles a year (note that the salary of the highest-paid Minister amounted to 15 thousand rubles per year). The truth was the version that his father is German Emperor Wilhelm I. Even if not to take into account possible high affinity, TREPOV himself was a very talented Manager: he successfully reformed the city police force, led a successful fight against corruption.

The rumors are bypassed, and other progressive public officials – Alexander SC, who was considered the illegitimate son of Emperor Alexander II. SC performed the duties of Governor of Mogilev, he was at that time only 30 years. And many resented the fact the post this young man. The Emperor was very pleased Alexander and helped throughout. In short time the Governor was able to restore the disturbed Affairs of the province and to bring her among the most progressive regions of Russia.

Lev Gumilev was constantly surrounded by rumors that he was the illegitimate son of Nicholas II. His mother, the poetess Anna Akhmatova, though, and talked about his middle-class origins, different «kingly behavior» inherent in women of high standing. In the work of Anna Akhmatova there are words about «gray-eyed king», and in fact Nicholas II was a wonderful radiant eyes gray. And if Akhmatova categorically denied his close relationship with Alexander Block, never denied the love relationship with the king.

Joseph Stalin’s two marriages had three children: one died in the war, and two others a little joy brought to his father. According to available documents, he had two illegitimate children.

In 1911 Dzhugashvili was in exile in Solvychegodsk. He lived in the house of a widow whose husband died in the fire of war with the Japanese. Joseph was fascinated by this woman and they had a son, Konstantin Kazakov. The years have passed. Constantine lived his life and had no right to talk about his relationship to the head of the Soviet state. The only proof of the Kazakov relationship with Stalin was his rapid party career: once he joined the party, he was immediately transferred to the Central Committee and appointed to a high position in the propaganda Department. In 1947 Kazakova was expelled from the party, but it was a soft punishment, as his Deputy, accused of espionage, arrested. After some time, Constantine was restored to the ranks of the party and the rest of my life, he worked in management positions in radio and television.

Stalin’s second son, born out of wedlock worthily lived their normal life. He was born during the Krasnoyarsk links to Joseph Stalin. The child’s mother was a 14-year-old Lydia Perelygina. Relatives of the girls first wanted to take the exiled to the police, but Dzhugashvili has promised to arrange a marriage with Lydia, and friends of the girls gave up. Soon Dzhugashvili escaped from exile, and did not fulfill his promise. Lydia married a local fisherman Davydova, and the child was born was named Alexander. The son of Soviet leader fought on the fronts, was wounded, was promoted to the rank of major. In peacetime he worked in the city of Novokuznetsk. In 2016 the son of Alexander Davydov got my hands on the result of genetic examination, which confirmed his relationship with Stalin. But the information remained pointedly unnoticed grandchildren of the former Soviet leader.

Today we can only look at the portraits of the children born to the favorites of emperors and kings, and try to understand what the mysteries and secrets keep them images.

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