The man is sure that due to his pain meds he changed his sexual orientation

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23-year-old Scott Purdy took the drug Pregabalin and says that it turned him gay. It is noteworthy that the man refuses to stop its use as feel more happy. About it writes Daily Mail.

Pregabalin is used to treat anxiety and also as a pain reliever. According to Scott, that he first began taking this medication in 2012 after he broke his leg and had severe pain.

Мужчина уверен в том, что из-за приема обезболивающего он сменил сексуальную ориентацию

Soon after, the guy noticed that he lost attraction to his friend, but there was a strange feeling to get the attention of another man. Scott is very scared of this, and has temporarily stopped taking the medication. Then desire to the girlfriend returned, and the attraction to men was gone.

«But then I began to suffer from pain and I felt bad and I again started taking Pregabalin,» says Scott.

Soon Scott Purdy finally hooked on Pregabalin. Now he is very afraid to stop to use it, because after everything he’s been through, he wants to go back to its original state.

«For me, this is all very confusing. I don’t know whether to blame the pills, but when I stopped taking them, I felt very miserable.»

After taking the pills to Scott steel like only guys, and with his girlfriend he broke up

Мужчина уверен в том, что из-за приема обезболивающего он сменил сексуальную ориентацию

«Before the fracture I was enjoying life and the attention of girls, which I have many. When I was 16 or 17 some of my friends had one guy who was gay. For fun I kissed him once, but then I thought «No, it’s just not for me» and forgot about it.

But in 2012, I broke my leg and foot hurt so much. I was prescribed codeine and tramadol, but it was very unpleasant. Then I was prescribed Pregabalin and only after 4 or 5 days, I have this strange feeling. My friend knew I was taking medication and she immediately felt that something happened, so I almost stopped paying attention to her».

Scott Purdy assures us that he never felt any prejudice towards sexual minorities and does not want to offend anyone, but 100% sure that before taking medication, he never had any desire to be with a man and gay did pills.

Pardi have not estranged from her family for other reasons, so don’t know what they had a reaction to his changes but among his friends many called the whole incident very strange.

Мужчина уверен в том, что из-за приема обезболивающего он сменил сексуальную ориентацию

Dr. Ranj Singh, who is also gay, says that Pregabalin only eases pain and reduces anxiety, but it can not be anyone to turn a straight dude gay. According to Singh, the decrease in the level of anxiety influenced the personality of Scott and just revealed its «true» orientation.

«In my professional opinion he’s always had these feelings and if Purdy now feels happy, that is a very good thing.»

However, Singh does not recommend the guy to sit a long time on the pill and says he needs to try to be happy without drugs. The doctor also adds that he took Pregabalin, and that he has not made it a much more pronounced gay than it is.

Мужчина уверен в том, что из-за приема обезболивающего он сменил сексуальную ориентацию

Pregabalin is manufactured by Pfizer and a representative of the company commented, saying that before the release of the medicines on sale have conducted clinical trials on thousands of patients and nothing like no one had observed.

However, in the instructions to pregabalin States that common side effects are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and euphoria. Rarely, sudden change of mood, delay ejaculation, increase libido and sexual dysfunction.

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