Night aggressors

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Patted on the hand

Says Georgi Pavlov from Tbilisi:

— My mother loves when it comes to the word, to remember one strange incident that occurred with her in the years of her youth. Around midnight she went to sleep. Hardly closed his eyes as almost immediately heard light footsteps. Someone quietly, obviously trying not to make noise, went to the bed, on which lay the mother, — came, as it seemed to her, on tiptoe.

Ночные агрессоры

The mother feels the next moment as someone stroked her bare forearm. In surprise she opened her eyes, continues to recall George Pavlov, and noticed a faint flickering in the room, vaguely resembling the silhouette of a human figure. Mom wildly screamed from fear, and the flickering disappeared.

The next day, the mother of Pavlova, then living alone, he invited me to visit one of his friends. Terrified of what happened, she persuaded the woman to stay in her house.

Pavlov says:

— So, this a word has not mentioned about what happened strange event. Well, they got to sleep — in different rooms. My mother had a great sleep. Nothing disturbed her sleep. And in the morning, at Breakfast, the friend with a sigh and said, «Rima, I think I started shaped hallucinations.» Rima is the name of my mother.

The mother, surprised, asked: «Hallucinations?» «Yes. They are the best, ‘ said her friend. — Wake up in the dead of night by the feeling that someone is patting me on the arm. I thought it was you. Open your eyes. Look around. And in the room, imagine that, no one!»

Hand with thick fingers

At that time I was 18 years old, — says Galina Ivanova from the city of Schelkovo, Moscow region. — My husband, an officer, lived in a military town in Volgograd region… Husband left on a business trip and I was home alone with an almost one-year-old son in her arms. Wake up once at dawn…

Woke Galina footsteps. She insists that the time slept is definitely woke up. So, what happened next was not a dream. Nude Galina’s hand hanging from the bed… the footsteps quickly approached the bed.

— Before I even open my eyes, I felt something wild, something absolutely incredible. Huge hairy hand — that hand with five long, thick fingers, and not animal paw tightly gripped my hand and lightly squeezed it. Terrified, I tried to open the eyelids, but there it was. Eyelids were heavy, not wanting to get up. Over the body immediately cold sweat beaded.

I wanted to scream but had no voice. And hairy hands momentarily loosened his grip. Then again squeezed my hand this time very painful. And then I miraculously managed a little half-open eyes. Before me I see some flickering — I didn’t really notice it. Something like a cloud of glowing smoke…

Silently and abruptly pulled my hand from hairy paws, which was, according to my tactile senses, as in the mitten. And pulled the blanket over his head. Lying, crying through clenched teeth from fear; Waiting for what will happen next. And then there was nothing. I looked out after a while from under the blanket; one near my bed there.


According to the statement Leah Shvedova from Rostov-on-don, she was twice subjected to attack by unknown creatures. Leah woke up in the third hour of the night, awakened by a sense of irrational fear, nowhere of nowhere. Shuddering all over, she abruptly opened her eyes.

I will never forget what I saw, — Shvedova said in a conversation with me. — Diagonally across the room from the ceiling down to my bed, you see, are planning something black, covered with thick hair, size and shape reminiscent of a billiard ball. Well I saw the thing in the moonlight falling into the room from the window.

Dragging in air the curve of the arc, hairy flying monster flops onto my shoulder and then rolls on his neck. And then just below the neck — chest. And starts, snake, to crush and stifle me! I’m rushed at the moment on the bed, trying to sit up with her, to reset the «billiard ball» with the chest.

Alas, all my attempts to break free from its suffocating «embrace» came to nothing. At me as if piled on a heavy concrete slab. After about a couple of very long minutes of «ball» he jumped off my chest. Don’t know where it went.

After exactly two days hairy Strangler showed up again. Again I woke up covered in irrational fear, coming from the depths of consciousness, and again I saw plans for me, something black, round, woolly. Plan and — just like last time, push Yes to choke!


Says Anatoly Zubashev from Krasnodar:

— Wake up one night feeling that I cracked a piece of wood on the head. Well, throw up, clenching his fists, intending awake to fight back. Look around around. And my mouth drops open when you stick in someone who, apparently, fuck me on the forehead.

You see, away from my bed big hairy APE, hunched with arms hanging below the knees. As she passed the window, the street lamp that hung over the window and illuminated her. It was the most that neither is a natural monkey, but… two meters tall.

Clear was the sound of her feet. The beast came through the door into the next room, and there’s steps subsided. Armed with a chair raised above my head, I gently moved behind her.

Look in the next room — empty. I pass through that room, out into the corridor — empty. A rummage in the kitchen, open the door to the toilet and in the bathroom — anywhere monkey no. Where did it go? Dissolved, whether in the air?

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