A man under the influence of «votes» killed his wife and children in the former home of John Lennon

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In Liverpool in the former home of John Lennon (member of the Beatles) at 36 Falkner Street lived for some time a Muslim family of four: husband Sami Salem, his wife arena Saeed and their two children 7-year-old Shadia Salem and 4-year-old Rami said.

Мужчина под влиянием "голосов" убил свою жену и детей в бывшей квартире Джона Леннона

30 may 2017 a woman and two children were found dead. The woman was strangled, and children drowned in the bathtub. All this, according to the husband, ordered him to do the voices in my head. After the murder of family man doused the entire apartment with gasoline and tried to kill myself by taking an overdose of drugs. About the incident, writes the Liverpool Echo.

Prior to this, the man watched hallucinations. He said that he saw «Tall chimpanzee» and «dark essence».

At a recent court hearing Sami Salem pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but vehemently denied murder on the grounds of the insane state. Forensic psychiatrist Dr Mohammed Rahman is confident that the Salem schizophrenia and that the symptoms of the disease began to show itself in November 2016.

Counsel for the accused asked the psychiatrist how exactly do people with schizophrenia perceive are really nonexistent things, such as hallucinations or voices. It Dr Rahman said that all feelings are subjective and people can not distinguish the real from the apparent and Vice versa.

According to Dr. Rahman, the defendant heard voices telling him to do something that will cause harm to people. Once it happened in the car and a voice asked Themselves Salem not to put pressure on the brakes. He said «don’t push the brakes, you can do it». At the time, Salem was able to resist and slowed down.

Another time a voice told you not to come into the house, otherwise something bad happens.

According to Dr. Rahman, the defendant could not recall how he killed his family, but remembers that the voices told him to do it.

Мужчина под влиянием "голосов" убил свою жену и детей в бывшей квартире Джона Леннона

When the accused was asked about his attitude to his wife, he said he was in love with her and they argued, but he never laid a hand on her.

According to Dr. Rahman’s schizophrenia began to manifest itself from the accused, first in the form of attacks of suspicion. Once arena Saeed told his friend that the husband locked her in the house.

The prosecution Sami Salim has not yet been resolved, as the court hearings are still ongoing.

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