In Britain was opened the Museum of the paranormal items

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In the British town of Hinckley, Leicestershire from March 3 became available for visitors to the unusual Museum. It includes the strange paranormal objects of yesteryear like spirits possessed dolls and self-propelled chairs.

The Museum bears the name «Paranormal Research Haunted Antiques Centre» («Research center of paranormal obsessed with ancient things»).

The center was opened thanks to the enthusiasm of local researchers of anomalous phenomena Neil packer, who also plans to carry out the research in the study of paranormal phenomena. In the main hall of the Museum contains a variety of things found and bought the Nile, and a description of all the mysterious phenomena to which they are involved.

В Британии открылся музей паранормальных предметов

There is also a special book for visitors in which they can record all their feelings, which they got a particular item from Museum or the visit in General.

В Британии открылся музей паранормальных предметов

Also at the Museum there is a room for communication, where all lovers of anomalies can sit and discuss what they see and tell their personal stories related to mysticism, UFOs, and so on.

Just in the collection of paranormal things packer about 50 items. Previously they were all assembled in his house (and the researcher apparently did not suffer from such a strange neighborhood).

According to the researcher, which has only on our Facebook page over 9 thousand fans, his Museum is «a completely new concept in the vast field of activities which constitute the paranormal».

В Британии открылся музей паранормальных предметов

Judging by the photos from the Museum, most of it possessed by the spirits of dolls, including there’s a doll for ventriloquism, as well as a few puppet-clowns (in the West for some reason, very scared of clowns).

В Британии открылся музей паранормальных предметов

Among the other possessed items, you can highlight the old rocking chair, which often swings itself and the mask-gas mask for a child during the Second World war. Still have the doll, whose owners claimed that she scratched them, and the room with the doll itself is regularly included fire alarm.

В Британии открылся музей паранормальных предметов

The building in which the Museum is located, is also not the most common. It informed regularly saw the ghosts and Neil packer were looking for your Church is a building. It is possible that those who visit his Museum, you can «bonus» to see the ghosts of this house.

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