Almaty scientist pointed out the burial place of Genghis Khan

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Secrets of the past: Almaty scientist pointed out the burial place of Genghis Khan. Candidate of historical Sciences Vladimir Oskolkov from Almaty, in an interview, said, where is buried the great Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan.

Алматинский ученый указал место захоронения Чингисхана

The scientist said that in his time, his grave was carefully hidden confidants, a secret place was covered with dense forest. This forest, according to the historian, is in the Altai. «The place should be deserted, so where people do not go at all, and if go, then very rarely. There should be no any traces of people,» said Shrapnel.

The interlocutor of the edition said that the fully suitable under these conditions place — Leninogorsk (Ridder) depression, where he found traces of human presence in the stone age, but almost no traces of the bronze and iron ages.

«The impression is that they deliberately destroyed. Furthermore, this area is rich in polymetallic ores and comfortable to stay. In addition, there originates the river Ulba is one of the major tributaries of the Irtysh, and it is known that in ancient times, and in the middle ages the river served as a way to move people. The place is passable through the Leninogorsk in the Soviet era drove from Mongolia cattle at the Semipalatinsk meat-packing plant, and currently there is part of highway Ulan-Bator — Moscow. Interestingly, in this blessed place before the arrival of a Russian researcher Ridder in 1786 the people lived. About it says at least that in this place no Turkic or Mongolian place names and hydronyms» — says the scientist.

As added Shrapnel, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian and Kazakhstan scientists agree that Altai is the burial place of the Shaker of the Universe. «However, each party wants the grave was in their territory», he concluded, based on the materials .

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