Our planet is a crossroads for aliens

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Now researchers record number of cases of UFO sightings / UFO in different parts of the world, noting that earlier in the sky flying is much less of conventional airships or other air transport. It turns out that it is a crossroads between the worlds of the Universe for extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to commit space travel.

Наша планета является перекрестком для инопланетян

Already have a list of the classification of UFO / UFO, which included objects with 100 — cm diameter, which are emitted from the large counterparts at low altitude. Then 3 metre ships often like to land on the ground and also show themselves witnesses of the events. Devices 40-meter diameter regularly visit different countries, emerging from different layers of the atmosphere, or being abroad. The most impressive giants love to sit near the light and reluctantly posing for the cameras of satellites. In addition, the experts found all the categories relevant to the structure of extraterrestrial technology. The most popular were the flying saucers, followed cigars, choppers and triangles, which also applies to other geometric shapes. Recently aliens started to show in the sky black rings, reminiscent of the clots of smoke or an abundance of insects. They variously occur before the astonished eyes of people, moving at high speed or performing incredible pirouettes. Some devices can materialize from individual particles, and then just vanish into thin air. Cubic analogues prefer to opt out of the open portals to another dimension, and about the anomalies of near celestial bodies in General there is no information, because they simply notice next to the selected planets.

Наша планета является перекрестком для инопланетян

Many experts after this impressive description of the types of UFO / UFO involuntarily began to ask questions concerning their belonging to one civilization. But then why would the humanoids to invent different designs, just to visit the Earth. There are significant differences, belonging to different extraterrestrial beings, although the descriptions of persons who had contact with guests are the grey aliens and reptilians. Also there is mention of birds and snake-like monsters, so near our planet may periodically receive five extraterrestrial races. But what can attract them to this place? Many scholars mention the impending colonization of the territory and the extraction of mineral resources, but they are abundant on other celestial bodies without the presence of living beings, only interfering humanoids. Then the question of taking over the world of earthlings is also problematic as the living conditions are not suitable for space creatures. Our air can become a poison, but still need to figure out what to do with the population. It is easier to find for such purposes, a peaceful planet where you can build your city, but until the alien base hidden from human eyes in inaccessible places. Most researchers, after such facts have come to the conclusion that UFOs are not going to stay here until the end of days, but only make a forced landing before the flight to other galaxies.

The solar system along with a sleeve of Orion is part of the milky way, and is closer to its edge. At a distance of 3000 light years of the galactic are two sleeves, so that fans of interstellar travel can make such flights with the help of their technology, and we were just a transit point. Extraterrestrial guests are considering the planet as a small settlement on a busy road with excellent natural energy source for fueling as the Sun. It can be obtained by replenishing the stocks of fuel from the bowels, until ufologists consider photos of the new anomaly. At this time, passengers can afford a little treat, watching the primitive life counterparts, goes into space on ancient ships. Because during a tour of UFO / UFO can show itself in all its glory, considering people counterparts of the animals in the zoo. You can pay attention to the theory of the artificial satellite of the Earth, which is really different from their counterparts perfectly shaped orbit.

Наша планета является перекрестком для инопланетян

Before the first flight, scientists believed that the lunar surface is covered with layers of dust formed from ancient times, but then were shocked when their theory was not confirmed. There is a version that the object was brought here from outer space, which also relates to its low density. The calculations showed that it has 60% compared to our planet, but inside there is a huge cavity. Perhaps they were aliens original stations, while the pilots held the gas station, and from here it was possible a flying saucer to visit the new world. Considering these features, it becomes clear why the humanoids immediately rush to see military conflicts, natural disasters or rare events. Such an unprecedented spectacle surprised by extraterrestrial beings who like to look at the beauty of nature in the Arctic or to visit the sites and attractions of ancient times.


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