Crop circles: in England there is a new message from other worlds

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May 26, residents of the English village of Chamois, Abbas in Dorset reported the appearance on one of the local fields of the figure, left, maybe, aliens.

Круги на полях: в Англии появилось новое послание из других миров

Local law enforcement authorities are currently conducting an investigation in order to prosecute the alleged pranksters, but so far the efforts of the policemen did not succeed. The circle in the field have emerged in just one night, and if this is the handiwork of man, the drawing clearly involved a large number of craftsmen with special equipment. However, it looks like someone from the earthlings had a hand: too all done delicately, with fantastic accuracy (though at night), speed (nobody even noticed that work night «artists») that is capable, as many believe, and especially ufologists, only aliens.

The mysterious «masterpiece aliens» is a kind of wind rose with eight rays. Experts suggest that this scheme can be related to the phases of the moon. If we assume that the center of the figure depicts the Earth, the months, the moon, and the months around the Sun, this picture really demonstrates the changing lighting Selena is the only star of our planetary system.

Crop circles – messages to earthlings from other worlds

The famous Russian parapsychologist and writer, author of such series of esoteric books like «Diagnostics of karma», «Experience of survival», «Man of the future», Sergey Lazarev believes that crop circles leave no aliens (by the way, really, no one ever sees a UFO before, there are these mysterious drawings in the crop).

Having the ability to see the field structure of our Universe, a parapsychologist argues that it is constructed in the form of a honeycomb with a multitude of parallel worlds, which are interconnected with each other. But because our reality has an impact on other parallel worlds, by the way, the more advanced who see the humanity (sorry) like a cancer. But you cannot delete it only edit.And crop circles is just a way of changing us, positive effects on a certain mass of people for the purpose of harmonizing their field structures. That is, everyone who enters the radius of the circle on the field, almost spiritually cleansed, in varying degrees.

Why purification goes through the circles pacevich? The fact is, says Sergei Nikolayevich, what other worlds can not openly convey to us any information (help is also information) only on a subtle information field through the space-time point. It is the consequence (material cast) such a breakthrough to us through this point we see on the fields in the form of different patterns – depending on the content of any information.

To understand the meaning of the drawings we don’t have, and we will not be this, because this assistance is addressed not to reason, but to our subconscious, bringing it in compliance with a purpose. The fact that other worlds are very worried about us and trying in every way to purify us – it was in their best interests, says parapsychologist.

Круги на полях: в Англии появилось новое послание из других миров

There are such circles, adds Lazarev, within one or two minutes, that’s why no one can ever catch the «artists», especially to bring them to justice. However, the damage to farmers in this case kompensiruet hundredfold harmonization of space in the area, which is beneficial to all living here. However, this theological harmonisation, which has no relationship to the physical prosperity…

Here is an unusual view of the researcher in parapsychology at the problem, which neither scientists nor ufologists are unable so far to resolve it, and now I understand why. All who are interested in this information in more detail – please read the second book by S. N. Lazarev «Diagnostics of karma».

Understand more (and this question Sergey, unfortunately, doesn’t answer) why the crop circles are most often found in England? Here is it all more trouble with the «cancer» of humanity? Judging by the fact that England in the past centuries, seeks to destroy the spiritual (there is even a fresh example of another provocation against Russia — dealing with Kripalani), then it is possible that these conjectures are not unfounded…


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