The city in Idaho from the sky suddenly fell more than 50 dead geese

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In the car Park in the city of Idaho falls, Idaho last Saturday night, suddenly fell from the sky over 50 dead wild geese. Officials called the incident «very strange».

На город в штате Айдахо с неба внезапно упало свыше 50 мертвых гусей

According to the preliminary version of the officers of the Idaho Department of fish and wildlife all birds struck by a powerful bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm, which lasted from 19.30 to 20.00 PM. Birds flying flock, fell in a limited area size of 100 yards (91 meters) near the Parking lot between the streets of Yellowstone Avenue and Lincoln road.

«I collected 48 white geese three geese and Ross (endemic species of North America)», — told officer Jacob Berl, «It’s those birds that were lying on the pavement. Several were left lying on the roofs of nearby buildings, they will deal in the following days».

All the geese were already dead at the time of contact with the ground. The cause of their death is very difficult to establish, but most inclined to massive electric shocks, that is, the lightning. Some birds from hitting the ground spilled the contents of their stomachs.

It is curious that on the submitted photos of all carcasses of geese clean. They do not see any blood, no burn marks.

На город в штате Айдахо с неба внезапно упало свыше 50 мертвых гусей

White geese fly in large flocks and at a high altitude, so almost not visible from the ground. This pack could be sent to Canada during spring migration.

«I think it was just an accident. Sad to see any animal dying, but fortunately the white geese are not an endangered species and a lot of them,» says Berl.

In addition to this flock of geese, according to the report of the Department of Idaho, that night, no dead birds from the sky did not fall.

Similar cases in the history of recorded rarely, but in 2016, the case when lightning struck to death six ducks in Canada during a thunderstorm. Just in case the officials of the Department took several carcasses of geese to check them on a variety of infections.

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