Other people’s problems. Truth and fiction

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Чужие проблемы. Правда и вымысел

Never take strangers jewelry, clothes or household items! This is not advice, but a guide to action. Any one of us leaves a trace in life, not only physical, but also energy. The imprint of the aura persists for a long time on everything it touches. No wonder many families who consider themselves «the aristocracy» decided to keep and pass from generation to generation the family knick-knacks.

Jewelry, antique things and just «little things» store information about kind. Once in the wrong hands, they start working against those who captured them. A lot of legends about the unfortunate brooches, rings and wedding attire that does not bring happiness to its owners. Every legend has some truth. And this truth is based on the properties of things to accumulate and record information about their owners.

You can consider it a superstition, but, hand on heart, you will agree to wear the clothes after the person who died in the Prime of life from fulminant disease? Most likely, even skeptics a plausible pretext to refuse such a gift.

Girls I know from childhood that you can’t just ask my friend to try on the ring. Before passing into the wrong hands it is first put on the table, and then the decoration can take. What the ritual is for? To neutralize the energy of the owner. Return the decoration in the same order – first on the table, and then only worn on the finger.

In Russia, there was the example that it is impossible to pick up on the way to the cross. Whatever the metal of which it is made, to take someone else’s in any case impossible. To take the cross, so in the literal sense of the word, to take on other people’s problems. As the saying goes – you need it, its trouble enough.

Another sign is found money. Now, however, few people carry cash in your wallet, but if they are, they have to get rid of. How? Any way to dissipate for a fun party to play in Sportloto or simply «consume». In any case, the money cannot be used to purchase something important or serious.

A friend of mine told how in a distant and hungry youth found a good amount of money. At that moment, her jeans were literally bursting at the seams with old and new buy it no matter what. Delighted with an unexpected gift, a friend rushed to buy new clothes, pre-sharing the joy with her wise grandma. The grandmother warned her from a wrong step, saying that the best that money down on something small. But Marina was the name of my friend, grandma and wouldn’t listen: we were picturing the coveted jeans. Friend was able to buy not only new pants, but also to grab a couple of blouses and a bathing suit. The purchase was very welcome after a week she was going to go to work as a counselor in summer camp.

The story of this friend now says with a laugh, and in that moment she was sad. The new jeans did not survive even to the end of the trip on the train. Whether the quality was not so hot, whether from the size she guessed it was true grim prophecy grandma. This fact is difficult to establish, but fashionable jeans burst at the seam. Yes, Yes, at the very moment when pogrugenie famously tried to jump up on the top shelf. Blouse has lost form after the first wash. The swimsuit, the joy of big-eyed pioneers, broke the strap, and when the young nymph had emerged from the river. Fortunately she had thought to bring a spare, so had whole place sad to sit on the beach.

Not bring find the desired happiness! But the grandma did say – procuta money, don’t waste it on things, like anything worthwhile from these purchases will not work.

It’s the same with things. Found on the road jewelry or valuables, it is better to ignore as if they did not look attractive.

Okay a friend of his youth and stupidity did not listen to wise old grandmother. The other girl in adulthood managed to naudit! And if Marina’s story similar to the anecdote about the problems of the latter my friend, Svetlana, is not.

Sveta was complaining to me that her last time to get it together, health and work problems, which were never observed. Troubles started coming one after another, as from a cornucopia. Looking at her and her face lost her looks and lost a lot of weight. Not for beauty, but rather was similar to the exhausted life of a working horse. Tell her, remember, friend, that these events were preceded by.

Light began to think and remembered that not so long ago, she regretted the old woman at the store with the flowers sold. You probably saw these grandmothers are themselves modestly and ask for chaglinka otherstock «symbolic» money. Here is Sveta and I bought a flower Granny. Gave funny 200 rubles for the stalk of aloe. And that, says very useful plants from the cold well to apply, or if the otitis is going to happen. And imagine, says a friend, so I got it in the growth of flooded and was quite Zamorano life.

Look at the windowsill, and sure enough – aloe «blossoms and smells», as they say in such cases.

Ask my friends, but not with those since she «felt sick»?

Light thought, rolled his eyes and mumbled that ever since. And the worse she gets, the stronger aloe kudravets.

Here is the answer. If I witnessed these events was not also be dismissed, they say, it’s all fairy tales and inventions of narrow-minded townsfolk. And all just so grandma d from their problems get rid of. Bought them off for a nominal fee. Whispered the old lady in the Bush right words and made for sale. There was a kind soul and took her sorrows and worries. From the problem tree I told Svetlana to get rid of. Late in the afternoon we made a pot of aloe in the trash. In the morning it was not there, someone picked it up, tempted to view plants and honey pot. My Shine started to come around. I won’t lie, she immediately got better and went like clockwork, the recovery time took a lot.

So you may not believe in conspiracies, curses, and negative energy, but they do not disappear. It’s like gravity – you don’t feel it as it is.

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