Astrologer and mystic John Dee and his conversations with angels

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John Dee is one of the most enigmatic people of the late middle Ages. For more than four centuries, his figure attracted many writers, playwrights and poets ranging from William Shakespeare (John Dee was the prototype of the magician Prospera in «the Tempest»), his contemporary Ben Johnson (Creator of the drama «the Alchemist») and ending with the works of our contemporaries (recall, the novels «the House of doctor Dee» by Peter Emrald and «Egypt» by John Crowley).

He was truly possesses versatile and mysterious person — a Trustee of Queen Elizabeth the First, court astrologer, owner of the biggest library in the British Empire of the XVI century, mathematician, translator of the works of Euclid, cartographer, astronomer, Kabbalist, architect, Navigator, and a secret agent of the British crown. His reports to the British Queen Dee signed «007».

Астролог и мистик Джон Ди и его беседы с ангелами

One of the titans of the Renaissance, as it is called, was born in London on 15 June 1527 in the family court officer of king Henry VIII. The boy received an excellent at the time home education and at age 15 decided to pursue science.

The first step was the entrance to the famous University of Cambridge. When he finished, he left to continue his education in Holland, and then studied independently life.

He was interested in the unknown in all its forms — collecting information about North America and studied kvadrium Sciences (arithmetic, geometry, chemistry and astronomy), held ethnicheskie experiments to turn base metals into gold and foreshadowed destiny by drawing up horoscopes.

Talents Dee was recognized in many European capitals. Even the Russian Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich offered him the post of court physician. And in Prague Di spent three years — from 1581 to 1583 minutes- working directly at the court of Rudolf II, which is not accidentally called «the king of the alchemists».

Астролог и мистик Джон Ди и его беседы с ангелами

When and where Di met with the psychic Edward Kelly, unknown. But this Union marked the beginning of a unique experiment, called Ankasa — on behalf of Ienaga — the only prophet, who, according to Genesis, was in the living ascended to heaven.

Under the supervision of Kelly Dee has repeatedly come into contact with some spirits, falling into the eyes of the astonished audience in a trance and speaking to no one living in the Land of the unknown language.

Whether a multi-faceted Di even a bit of a fraud, thus earning his daily bread? Probably not without. It is known that the brilliant astronomer Johannes Kepler did not hesitate on occasion to make horoscopes, saying that astrology, though an illegitimate daughter of astronomy, but without her help, many astronomers would have long since died of hunger.

The first session, which was achieved a complete success, took place in 1581. In the magical crystal, the medium saw the angel Uriel, who explained how to create a wax talisman seal of Emmett, which is easy to come into contact with the transcendent world.

In subsequent sessions the heavenly interlocutors explained to Dee and Kelly method of communication with them and handed over the alphabet of the angelic or irohazaka language.

Then, pointing to the appropriate letters, the angels, they say, dictated buddies 19 of poetic texts, now known under the name «Ankasa keys».

Астролог и мистик Джон Ди и его беседы с ангелами

Communication, however, is not restricted to purely spiritual levels, during which Dee and Kelly, with the help of angels, foretold the future one or the other of interested customers.

According to surviving records, the angels gave its agents an indication of what to say to the monarchs in a particular case how to plan your next travel, and even pointed to the movement of the great Armada, allowing the British to prepare for the meeting with the Spanish fleet and destroy it.

Donald Tyson, canadian researcher of the heritage of John Dee, for example, believes that his character cared about his conversations with angels as a kind of service. He received information from a confidential source and passed it on down the line.

«Although many believe that the words of the angels are conscious mystification of Edward Kelly,» he writes, » or fantasies generated by the subconscious Di during sessions.»

He died in 1608, cold foggy night in London, in an old dilapidated house, all forgotten and pozabroshen. Your notes former secret agent hid in the cedar chest with a double bottom, and they have long passed from hand to hand, no one detected. Only half a century later the secret of the trunk accidentally opened a Mr. Jones.

Part of the manuscripts after that burned down, because the maid came to lay the manuscripts pans for baking cakes. But another part fell into the hands of Ellisa Aslana, scientist and mystic. He is interested in finding and began to collect the diaries of John Dee, scattered in archives all over Europe.

In the XVII century written heritage Dee was published, and the whole world learned about the secrets that kept the trunk with a double bottom.

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