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One of the most famous cases in Japan, the winged monster dates back to 1952. Soldiers Sinclair Taylor has taken up guard duty at the military base at Camp Okubo near Kyoto. At night in the dark he suddenly heard strange popping sounds coming outside the base.

Летающие монстры Японии

Peering into the darkness, Taylor noticed something that at first seemed to him a very large bird. She flew right in his direction and the silhouette was very clear on the background of the moon. But when the creature flew closer, it became clear that no it is not a bird, and something that looked like a winged human.

The length of the body was about 2 meters and the same was the length of the wings. Being intensely flapping these wings and at some point began to circle over the head of the astonished soldier. Further readings vary depending on the version history you are reading. Sometimes referred to the burning eyes of the monster and other macabre items, sometimes not.

When Taylor came to, he started shooting a pistol at the flying humanoid and he suddenly disappeared, as if vanished into thin air. Taylor was sure he missed, but there were no drops of blood or other signs that the substance was material.

Camp Okubo

Летающие монстры Японии

When Taylor the next day, told about seen to the Sergeant, it turned out that another soldier of the year before also saw a huge flying creature. His description was similar to descriptions of Taylor. In conclusion, it is worth noting that above the village Camp Okubo locals regularly saw a strange large birds, but after 1952, saw them less and less, and then it all came to naught.

Another observation in Japan of a flying humanoid occurred in 2011, shortly before a large earthquake. A creature that looked like a Man-butterfly (black wings, red eyes) and his appearance apparently was also connected with the disaster at Fukushima.

An eyewitness named Marcus Pulis came to Japan on business and decided to visit a friend who has long lived in Japan and taught English. The teacher lived in a rural area near the town of Okuma in Fukushima Prefecture.

Летающие монстры Японии

One evening the two friends went for a walk and during it passed the fence of the NPP Fukushima, which at that time was working as it should. But no wonder of the Man-moth considered a harbinger of evil. During the walk both men suddenly heard a strange loud high-pitched scream. None of them had ever heard before.

«The scream was repeated and he was so shrill that chilled me to shivers. We looked around, trying to find the source of the scream, but couldn’t find it. The cry was like the sound which speed is inhibited to a large bus. Trying to find the source of the squeal we noticed two young men who stood a little distance from us and looked up the building plant.

We’ve traced where they’re looking, and saw a large vague dark figure, eye-catching in the moonlight. And suddenly, it launched a huge wings and flew into the air. It spread through the building in a circle 4-5 times, and then rushed to the side of the people. Young people ahead of us in fear screamed and ducked to the ground, and my friend froze in shock and awe, watching as the creature flies over us.

That’s when I saw his red eyes. It looked at us, blinking a couple of times, and we knew that it we were treated. It flew absolutely not trying to hide from us and Vice versa as if showing itself in all its glory. And then we were hit by a wave of painful anxiety fear which seemed to say «you weren’t supposed to be here».»

When a friend Pules came around and tried to get the phone to capture this creature, it has already departed in the direction of the city. Poles then flew back to the States and not just remember about this strange creature. But soon he called his friend and told about the horrific catastrophic earthquake that has damaged the including here the nuclear plant, over which circled the «Mothman».

The following story happened in 2016 and a witness was an Australian. Interestingly, all reports of flying Japanese monsters do not come from local residents. May be they just not wish to talk about such or ignore them, taking over their local kami spirits?

So in 2016 the Australian came to Japan to his friend and together they went on a trip to mount Fuji. They visited several local temples, and then in the woods noticed a strange man, above whose head was a bright red halo.

It was nearly dark, but it was clearly visible. Then the man stood up and opened its huge, hidden behind his back, the wings were like butterfly wings. After that he quickly flew up and disappeared.

Two elderly women had also notice this creature and they cried out in fear and then ran away. The Aussie girl was scared too and wished get away from this place.

Another strange flying creatures have been living in Japanese folklore and are named with the word Tengu (Tengu). In the myths it is represented by the man of huge growth with a red face, long nose and wings.

Летающие монстры Японии

Tengu does not tolerate the proximity of people, it fools the travellers in the mountains, loggers, scares them a thunderous roar of laughter, or depicting the crash of felled trees. According to popular belief, after death the wicked or proud man can turn into a tengu.

In myths and fairy tales of the tengu can be both spirits and demigods, demons, or half human-half animal. Say that in the mountains they nest and hatch large eggs. And if you find this egg, it can feed the whole family.

Tengu also have a wide range of supernatural powers including teleportation, telepathy, premonition, can invade the human mind or turn into another creature. Sometimes Tengu can take the form of a Tanuki (raccoon dog) or the kitsune (Fox).

Летающие монстры Японии

Another strange flying creature from Japan is a huge black crow. These birds are regularly present in local folklore and are considered intelligent, courageous and very aggressive.

Most often abnormally large ravens see rural areas and their descriptions of these birds are much larger than any of the local species of ravens.

Летающие монстры Японии

Tell a story that happened in the 80-ies, when a huge Raven saw the teacher with a group of children from the kindergarten. According to the teacher standing on the road the bird height was like her children. The giant bird looked around the group of children and then flew to the trees and disappeared.

Another observation was in the 90s when the crow saw in Shizuoka Prefecture, the farmer and his wife. According to them, a great bird planned from heaven to run on the field farm dog and scared her. The size of the bird was much larger than most dogs.

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