Children, carried away by the devils

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This story leads folklorist Balashov. He recorded it from Irigny Kozhina from the village of Varzuga on the White sea.

A young relative of Irigny, the teenager came home one day in broad daylight, drunk in smoke. The boy could hardly stand on his feet. Seeing him in that indecent form, Irinia get mad. She recalls:

— Sabanillas I — Oh, dammit. So it as the wind grabbed it and ran.

Demonic Krampus carrying off naughty children

Дети, унесенные чертями

The rapid running of a teenager in the village was watching a large group of witnesses. Stood at that moment on the street a bunch of men, proglatavetsa to gossip about this and that.

Irina jumped after a runaway boy on the threshold of his house and yelled hysterically, calling for help. Men correctly understood her cries. They rushed to catch up with the teenager.

However, Kozhin recalls, «reaching could not». The boy ran like the wind! A few seconds earlier valivshiysya in a drunken stupor down, he’s now measuring at a trot, without looking back, from the village along a forest road away.

Happiness, went to meet him on the road on a reindeer sleigh other men. They saw fleeing. Saw and group persecution. One of them, jumping off the sledge, rushed to the teenager at his feet, someone hit in the face with his fist.

Kicking kid’s braided rope and triumph had come to the village. Thought caught the thief. But when the sobbing Irina he told the men what had happened, they only bred hands Yes crossed.

Compare the story of Irigny Kozhina with a message Darya Arkhipova from the village of Stege Pskov region. The message given in the book «Tales and legends of the Pushkin places» folklorist Vladimir Chernyshev.

Approval Daria, somewhere in the early 20-ies of the 19th century a resident of a nearby village Bojenci went once with his six-year old son in the woods.

Boy, something upset, cried all the time on the go. The woman was tired of his tears. She take and say: «Let the hell take it!» And the child immediately disappeared, although a while the woman heard his crying voice coming as if from nowhere, from the void.

The grieving mother rushed to the village, he ran to the priest:

— Father, help my grief.

The priest went hand in hand with her to the place of disappearance of the boy. And they heard its cries, rushing from nowhere.

The startled father began to read the Sunday prayer, and other prayers. All in vain. Then he said to the woman: «Now the lad did not return. Curse it all, without a trace, not to hear his voice!» The woman immediately with fright and made.

The voice was gone. Any more news about this kid in the village Bojenci not been reported.

Chernyshev recorded in the same area, another similar story. Elderly bashkova Akulina told him: one local girl, Komsomolskaya Pravda, wanted to go dancing. And her mother, very religious, forbade her to do so, because that day was a religious holiday.

Komsomolskaya Pravda said in response to the mother — say, I don’t care about your bans. And left the house out, going to the youth festival.

Bashkova says:

The mother got angry and was yelling at her bad. «Damn,» said, » you picked up with your partying!».

The minute the woman in the air raised, still as a bird on the wing landed, and dragged for three hours. Then he takes me to the same place and left. She’s a little lived and died with passion. It all broke. Only, all told, it dragged.

Basil Sanikov, an old resident of the village of Pantina on the river Onega, also told in the beginning of XX century folklorist Onchukova as one of his fellow «dragged». People working in a field near the village Curve of the Belt, and suddenly «see the man flying through the air». Began to catch him, for he every moment was coming down lower and lower.

— Zapomel, but I can’t in the hands of something to hold. Still as-that kept. He was then unconscious was a week; I’m. And recovered.

And here’s another example. Zinoviev wrote a story Irina Ryazantseva from the village Krupenka Chita region:

— In the village Cangele the wedding was. Here the mother prepares food for the wedding, and the kids under the arms climb: give, another. She’s in a temper and roared at her: «damn Goblin claimed in irreversible way!».

Yes, apparently, in an evil hour said. The girl ran from the table and ran, and she roars: «Uncle, wait! Mister, wait!». The people watching — what is this girl running? Well, as a whirlwind carries it! Can’t catch up…

Only the horses managed to overtake the girl in the woods, far from the village. Young girl. As a teenager sent to hell by Irina kozhinoy, the girl was gone from pursuing her riders incredibly fast, inhuman pace.

Thus, direct contact with the evil spirit, initiated by man, is possible, apparently. To create a situation of contact is enough in «an evil hour» to send a man to hell…

  • As a man possessed of the demons?
  • The Peruvian town of Huanchaco was the site of a major child sacrifice in history
  • Included in the «country devils»
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