When the ghosts not only scare, but to kill people

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Numerous eyewitness accounts as well as by parapsychologists studies prove that ghosts are not a figment of the imagination and not the usual hallucinations, they do exist.

Когда призраки не только пугают, но и убивают людей

Restless disembodied spirits is more likely to be suicidal, killed the wicked and lost sinners of various stripes, over the graves which wittingly or unwittingly mutilated, or even not having the normal resting place of their mortal remains.

Of course, not all ghosts are safe for people. Some of the spirits are evil, but some of the ephemeral creatures whose human life ended «due to» human anger and violence, can bring the living and troubles. There are even cases where ghosts killed people. According to estimates parapsychologists, but only in the present age, the spirits caused the death of several hundred people.

Most evidences about ghosts came and comes from England. Therefore, one may conclude that only there, Yes, maybe even two or three in the vicinity of Albion European countries can meet these ephemeral spirits.

Actually ghosts are found in various parts of our planet. Are they in Russia. And we have them often confused with house sparrows and other fabulously epic nechistyi, so we can assume that these ethereal creatures have no less than where they have long been considered national landmarks.

Ghosts send people to another world in different ways. Most often the victims spirits become nervous and overly sensitive nature. Seeing the or feeling the «touch» to the eerie form of a Ghost, some poor guy die of a broken heart.

But in the Arsenal of ghosts, there are more sophisticated and dangerous ways which are not insured, even people with nerves of steel. It’s regular and deliberate incitement to mental insanity and death, provoking accidents, as well as a temporary materialization, and murder on the physical level.

House by the cemetery

The second of the two methods listed above, ghosts usually resorted to when the fault of the people destroyed mass graves. So, on Severo-the East of Moscow, near one of the metro stations on the site of the old cemetery built several houses. The majority settled there turned into a living hell.

For starters, the houses were covered with cracks. Seismologists and geologists just shrugged, unable to give of this strange phenomenon a reasonable explanation. The builders somehow patched up and strengthened the walls, plastered the cracks. Later on, new cracks had all but disappeared, but easier from this the tenants did not. Almost every apartment from time to time was going on Frank hell: for no reason shattered, broken dishes, falling things at night could be heard creaking, noises and howls, there were ghosts.

Когда призраки не только пугают, но и убивают людей

Curious observations shared with us Natalia Smirnova, which was «lucky» to live in this unfortunate place:

«…the broken crockery and the noise — it’s flowers. One night I woke up and saw with horror right next to my bed translucent whitish man with empty eyes. Shook his head, pinched himself, but the vision did not disappear.

My screams into the room came a son. He also saw this strange creature and reached for the light switch to turn on the light. And then the Ghost almost instantly lost form, becoming a white cloud, and when the light was turned on, it had disappeared altogether.

A week later, this same intruder almost killed me. I woke up from a terrible experience. I felt in my lungs instead of air is a hard and nasty gas. Just a little bit- and I would suffocate.

However, I couldn’t even scream — the voice completely disappeared. I crossed, mentally asking: «Lord! Save me!» And at the same time my mouth broke forth what looks like smoke, it hovered near the ceiling and began to take the shape of a man. I again crossed himself and crossed the Ghost, and then he disappeared.

On the advice of a priest I then blessed the apartment, put in each room of the icons, and several times a day, especially before bedtime, fumigated with incense the room. More the Ghost did not appear. But the neighbors on the landing the same or different Ghost caused a lot of troubles: they died suddenly sixty-year old grandmother has never complained of health, and seventeen-year-old son was sent to a mental hospital, according to them, not without the help of visiting the house of the Ghost.

I later learned that some of our other residents had different problems with ghosts. Someone thought it brownies or barabashka, but it seems to me, that’s not it, it was too evil spirits visited us, downright devilish messengers.

Eventually, all tenants of our house have consecrated their houses were also sanctified the house itself. After that, everything returned to normal. Except very rarely someone heard low voices or, for example, saw in the dark something like clouds or twinkling lights…»

The Ghost, killing the drivers

The desecration of cemeteries can lead to other, not less terrible consequences. In Russia on the roads there are areas where accidents occur regularly. These places like the enchanted one disaster follows another, the number of victims is growing, and no one can explain why this is so.

In place of many of these «deadly» in the past there were graveyards, forgotten and abandoned. The negligence and disregard of road builders have to pay motorists.

Alexander Pestrukhin got into a terrible accident on the «road of death», located in the Rostov region, and reported the details of what happened with him PE:

«It was a late summer evening. It was already dark. Cape my friend Sergey was driving on the highway at a speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. Was driving me. It was a warm dry weather, the road was in good condition, we could not assume that can be broken. Neither from that nor from this suddenly went out the lights, and in front of the windshield stuck some smoky subject.

He passed through the glass and got between me and a friend. I managed to see that he has something like a head with holes for eyes and mouth. He heard a terrible laughter. I stepped on the brakes but it was too late: the car flew into a ditch and crashed into a tree. From my «Muscovite» remained a heap of twisted metal.

My friend died: he flew through the shattered front glass hood and heaved him like a knife, cut off the head. Me, my happiness was saved by people passing by. I was unconscious. Then I had to stay a few months in the hospital: I had multiple fractures and bruises, and a concussion.

This one I will never forget. The place where we crashed, has a bad reputation — accidents there has been a lot. Apparently, all because once upon a time there were buried people…»

Sometimes, ghosts appear on the highways and in places where cemeteries, as such, never was. For example, crushed to death a motorist or motorcyclist. And after a while his restless spirit appears before some unfortunate driver and provokes a new accident.

The result may be a kind of «chain reaction» of the accident will be in this place a regular phenomenon and, thus, there will be new deadly plot — the «road of death». Similar places only in one of the suburbs there are about a dozen. For example, on a highway near the village of Pekhorka on the highway Lyubertsy—Lytkarino…

Когда призраки не только пугают, но и убивают людей

Almost every year there are more and more dangerous areas. But this can be avoided. Almost always near the highways in areas of death the relatives of the deceased put all sorts of monuments. But this is not necessary. Better than a prayer read at the scene, Church candles to light, etc., to the soul of the deceased quickly found solace and does not attract more troubles. Then no ghosts will not appear.

In America ominous for motorists there is a place near the city of Klamath falls, Oregon. In the mid 70-ies on the mountain road the driver hit a young woman. Now her Ghost appears from time to time in this place, bringing death to motorists. Clad in a white shroud Ghost «votes» on the road.

If, on the trouble, the driver will stop the evil spirit beckons him to her, and miserable, as if fascinated, follows him and the result falls into the abyss from a great height. Sometimes the same Ghost provokes an accident, suddenly appearing in front of speeding on a mountain road by car. Dashing turn — and the unfortunate motorist, knocking down fences, flies into the abyss, or cut into the rock.

And in Germany, an evil Ghost lurks the travellers near the city of Deggendorf (Bavaria), in the place where the railroad passes through a tunnel. Girl Ghost late evenings and late nights, luring passers-by into the tunnel, where they fall under the wheel racing on high speed trains. In 32 years, insidious ghostly maiden was the cause of the deaths of 19 people.

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The Ghost has possessed the body

And finally, some ghosts have the ability for a short time to materialize in another body. Ego leads to disastrous consequences. Instilling in the human body, a sinister Ghost disables the human mind and creates crime. A similar incident occurred not long ago in the Leningrad region.

Two friends, Andrei Dorokhov and Pavel Voloshin, midnight returned to your village from the neighboring village. Was a little tipsy. Along the way I decided on a dare to go to the cemetery, in order to test ourselves and make sure that even the night that nothing terrible in the churchyard cannot be seen. Suddenly near one of the graves Andrew noticed a strange creature, like a Ghost.

The friends froze in horror, and the Ghost quickly began to approach them. Paul took to their heels, and Andrew lost consciousness. The next morning he woke up in a ditch in four hundred metres from the cemetery, and saw with horror that his hands, face and clothes in blood. Nearby lay the lifeless body of his friend: Paul was decapitated.

It turned out that at the moment when Dorokhov was unconscious, he caught up with Voloshin and brutal manner killed him. All the evidence pointed to him, but he Aldrey absolutely didn’t remember anything. Of course, on the same day took into custody, accused of murder. Explanations for the poor guy that Paul killed to instill in Andrew a Ghost, and he under no circumstances could not raise a hand against another, criminologists found unconvincing.

However, they struck the killing method Voloshin first had his throat slashed, and then with brutal force tore the head. In the end, forensic physicians recognized Dorokhova insane, and instead of prison he will have few years to spend in a psychiatric hospital. Before any mental abnormalities he observed.

Когда призраки не только пугают, но и убивают людей

How to protect yourself from them

According to parapsychologists, the stronger the degree of intoxication at the time of the meeting with the Ghost, the more chances he has to get under his influence, to be a puppet in the hands of the sinister spirit. This is confirmed by numerous examples, when drunk people turned into notorious villains, heinous crimes and didn’t remember anything about the incident.

It is possible that in some cases, to blame it intrudes in their body ghosts. However, in the case of Dorokhov and Voloshin, as shown by examination, the degree of intoxication of the murderer was easy. Unfortunately, it did not save him from the evil spirit.

Of course, all interested in the question: how to protect yourself when meeting with a Ghost? Practice shows that quite effective in such cases sincere prayers and overshadowing the sign of the cross. But intricate amulets against ghosts especially should not be trusted. Enterprising dealers are releasing and selling such amulets in England, and in Russia. Check for yourself their effect yet none of the owners of the amulets failed.

Of course, people with amulets yet not so much, and, according to the theory of probability, their chance encounter with the Ghost is small. Due to this, businessmen, charlatans can, without fear of revelations, to extol the virtues of their trinkets. The faithful people, in contrast to the mystically minded simpletons, all that stuff to anything. Consecrated in the Church of the crucifix and icons better than any amulets.

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