Beware of a Smiling man

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Over the past 60 years, the researchers of anomalous phenomena, has collected a number of stories associated with eerie phenomenon called «Smiling man» (Grinning Man). It is possible that this creature is part of a phenomenon called «Men in Black» as also associated with UFOs and also is a strange-looking man. But not all Smiling people are dressed in black suits and hats as «Men in black».

The most memorable feature of this man is truly scary and absolutely terrible, as mentioned by eyewitnesses, a smile or rather a smirk on his face. She looks like the evil grin of a maniac.

Остерегайтесь Улыбающегося человека

According to the researcher of anomalous phenomena John keel, released in 1970 book «Strange creatures from time and space» («Strange Creatures from Time and Space»), the first known case of the Smiling man occurred in October 1966 in new Jersey.

A woman rushed to two teenagers walking around with the words that it pursues a «tall green man», and later to the evening, these teenagers themselves saw with fear of this man. He stood across the street from the boys at the fence of a house and was dressed in a green suit, so brilliant that the light of the lamp reflected in it.

When the creature noticed that the teenagers look at him, it slowly turned to them and his face appeared a sinister smile. She became more and more and in the end almost went from ear to ear. On the face of a strange man boys noticed another small elongated eyes, but did not remember if he had a nose, ears or hair.

Остерегайтесь Улыбающегося человека

That same night in that area several people saw a bright UFO in particular there were calls to the police about that bright white UFO hung over the local reservoir.

Three weeks later in another state sewing machine salesman Woodrow, Derenberger claimed that when he was driving in his car, he was stopped on the highway strange vehicle. From the object came a tall bald man in a blue suit with a metallic sheen. The witness immediately noticed his elongated eyes and a crazy smile.

Smiling man called his name is Indrid cold (Indrid Cold), and then the witness says he had with this creature telepathic contact, during which it told him that they’ll see each other. Then the creature was gone.

Остерегайтесь Улыбающегося человека

Know what occurred in the above case? In Point Pleasant. Right in the heart of point pleasant, which is only a few weeks people will start to massively meet a creepy black creature called Mothman, and all this will end December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver bridge which killed 46 people.

The seller Woodrow, Derenberger assured that Indrid cold was an alien from the planet Lunules (Lanulos) and that he had another meeting with him. And not just a meeting. Woodrow visited his planet and met a lot of such creatures as Indrid cold. He even published a book, which described in detail his adventures, but then he got fired and his wife left him.

Told that their days he ended in 1990, completely senile, because until his death he was totally obsessed with the Smiling man.

Woodrow, Derenberger and that highway

Остерегайтесь Улыбающегося человека

In other cases, with a Smiling man appeared at night and was seen by passers-by. Sometimes he was seen in the house near the bed, sometimes entering or leaving the house of the witness. If cases when a Smiling man noticed during the kidnapping aliens.

It is believed that this being or beings are almost the same class associated with alien beings, as «Men in black», but probably «other modification». It is possible that they (as well as «Men in black») are hybrids of humans and aliens working as some sort of messengers.

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