4 crop circle appeared in the world for the last time

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4 рисунка на полях появились в мире за последнее время

Four crop circle appeared for the last time on our planet. Three of them mysteriously formed in England and one in Switzerland. Known ufologists have reported that in the world of frequent occurrence of the «alien» circles in the cornfields, and in this surely there is some hidden meaning.

The second amazing discovery was made on 3 June in the South-West of England. It again is a classic circle, but this time the circle was smaller than the rings. It is noteworthy that the night of the appearance of the image the farmers have seen on their field strange pinkish lights, scurrying through the air.

4 рисунка на полях появились в мире за последнее время

The third round, the occurrence of which the affected witnesses informed the authorities and the media June 4, appeared in Dorset. This image was much more complex and sophisticated. It shows the seven-pointed star inscribed in a circle with an intricate ornament. The vertices of the star also topped by circles.

4 рисунка на полях появились в мире за последнее время

Finally, the last masterpiece of the alleged representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization suddenly discovered June 5 in the Swiss town of Uster. We have a large circle with a picture of a strange symbol vaguely resembling a horned head. The circumference for the curved line with two rings at the ends.

4 рисунка на полях появились в мире за последнее время

Recall that the crop circles are one of the most striking marvels of the modern age. Orthodox scientists and materialists dismiss them, arguing that it is the handiwork of hoaxers. However, no skeptic has been able to explain how you can quietly create such an image in just one night.

Ufologists believe that this art – the handiwork of aliens. That’s just not clear yet why they need it? Not so long ago we talked on our website about the theory about the circles of the Russian parapsychologist and psychic by Sergey Lazarev, who believes that such «news» we send the inhabitants of the parallel upper worlds, which thus harmonize the humanity, trying to help him. So to see how it is done and even to photograph is almost impossible, unless a separate flash lights, because all it is pure energy, and not some mechanical actions…


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