«Spitting devil» or «Witch’s circles»

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«Spitting devil» residents of the don steppes called weird bald spots in the grass, often perfectly round. The grass in this spot seems flattened, as if someone had optopt her. Not like out there casually, but very carefully orthopter — a blade for a blade of grass.

The grass on that spot for their appearance is different from the grass growing near, only this primatesta. She didn’t look sick, feeble or faded (unlike in grass «nests» of UFOs). This phenomenon of «spitting devil» is very similar to the so-called «circles».

Although there are differences, there are bald spots of small size and simple round, no other forms or patterns. Also utopianist grass uneven, not clockwise or counter-clockwise and chaotic.

"Плевки черта" или "Ведьмины круги"

Rural residents of the British Isles are called circles, meet in England, not only in the glades but in the forest glades, «the glades the fairies».

Such «spitting» found in Russia, not only on the don land. From time to time, they nowhere appear in the fields and in forest clearings in Central Russia. There they from ancient times are called «witches ‘ circles».

The character of Russian folklore devil — creature, as you know, evil and malicious, for every man is extremely dangerous. Saliva he believed to be poisonous. Damn spit — now there’s a footprint, «a circle on the field.» To enter the «slap the hell» not — there, according to popular rumor, all the «stinking evil force». This «deathtrap», «the poison place.»

The etymology of the concept of «witch’s circle» is also clear. A witch is a person who sold his soul to the devil, the devil. A professional black magic, witch, according to beliefs, the only deals that brings damage to the people and to Pets. She can fly and flies exclusively at night, using a flying device type «stupa» or «pomelo».

"Плевки черта" или "Ведьмины круги"

According to the Russian peasants, «witch’s circles» is the place of landing «stupa», «Pamela». The witch, filling the surroundings of the wild inhuman cries, supposedly dancing to some time in the night to «circle». And then flies away. And the grass on the trampled feet of the witch in the process of dancing.

The conversation about the «spitting devil,» «witch circles» has long historical perspective. Over a hundred years ago Alexander Afanasyev in his «Poetic views of the Slavs on nature,» noted that the Ukrainian peasants repeatedly told him personally about such phenomena — round bald spots down the wheat or rye. Their origin farmers rationally could not explain. They claimed that these circles — is supposedly the place at in the night «dancing Mavka» that is rampant unclean.

A. Afanasiev found similar information about the «crop circles» and in the Bulgarian folklore. He writes that in the ninth century in the skies over Bulgaria from time to time there are some «self-fork» or «very diva»: «The forks are worn in the air between heaven and earth…»

This, judging by the descriptions, humanoid creatures, but not people. When they fall to the ground, «they sing and dance through the meadows and left on the grass in large circles, consisting of a narrow, dead on their feet of the track.»

"Плевки черта" или "Ведьмины круги"

Another well-known folklorist of the last century, M. Zabylin in his book, published in 1880, says:

«In the summer the villagers go to work, often seen in meadows green or yellow circles. Spreading the rumor that the circles have appeared recently, and before that they were not… that witches gather to dance here every night. This news for healers is the Golden treasure. The witch, having collected from all over the village supplies is in the field scapulae circles with the earth, and the matter ends».

Russian popular belief from time immemorial connects these circles with another mysterious phenomenon — the phenomenon of the braids in the mane.

Try it, according to rumor, to chase the mysterious creature that weaves a braid in the mane of a horse, the horse (her weaves always, by the way, only at night), and the creature zigzagging run from you strictly towards the «witch’s circle». Jump on it and supposedly will immediately dissolve in the air.

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