Climate change killed extra-terrestrial intelligence

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Climate change and global warming should be the main «killer» of extraterrestrial intelligence and the reason why we still have not met with aliens, say scientists in an article published in the journal Astrobiology.

Изменение климата убило внеземной разум

«The laws of physics postulate that any young technological civilization such as ours, will affect the life of the planet as its development. Climate change in this case takes on cosmic significance, and its influence on the probability of survival of civilizations will help us understand how and what to do with him on Earth,» said Adam Frank (Adam Frank) from the University of Rochester (USA).

More than half a century ago, the American astronomer Frank Drake developed a formula for calculating the number of civilizations in the Galaxy with whom contact is possible, trying to estimate the chances of detection of extraterrestrial intelligence and life. Physicist Enrico Fermi in response to a high estimate of the chances of interplanetary contact the Drake equation was formulated the thesis, which is now known as the Fermi paradox: if extraterrestrial civilizations so much, then why the mankind does not observe any traces of them?

This paradox, scientists have tried to solve in many ways, the most popular of which is the hypothesis of a «unique Earth». She suggests that for the emergence of intelligent beings unique requirements, in fact, a full copy of our planet. Other astronomers believe that we can’t communicate with the aliens, for the reason that galactic civilization or disappear too quickly, so we could notice them, or because they actively conceal their existence from humanity.

Frank and his colleagues found an explanation for the Fermi paradox, drawing attention to a key feature of the evolution of our civilization according to its development, people began more and more to influence the life of nature and the condition of the entire planet as a whole. As a rule, this effect rarely turns out favorable.

Examples of this, as the scientist, can be found not only in modern global warming, but the environmental disaster, which occurred on the famous Easter island after its growing population has exhausted all resources. This led to a «war of all against all» and the disappearance of the mysterious moai civilization that existed there before the arrival of Europeans.

The pitfalls of progress

Guided by these examples, astronomers have created a computer model of a developing alien civilization, consuming resources and emitting some greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The nature of this model could absorb these emissions up to a certain limit and develop some resources that influenced the further growth of civilization and the degradation of the environment.

These calculations revealed a dismal picture. In most cases, rapid growth in population and energy appetite of civilization led to almost or complete, or to its complete disappearance as the result of a sharp rise in temperatures on the planet, if the climate is nonlinear reacted to shifts in the proportions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Such a fate, as scholars have noted, comprehended, even those of culture, «alien», which switched to renewable and clean sources of energy after they «discovered» global warming. This was only avoided in cases if civilization initially developed relatively slowly, and the climate responded to the emission with a delay.
All this, according to Frank, that explains why we still are unable to establish contact with an extraterrestrial civilization: almost all of them had to disappear a few hundred or thousands of years after their release on the industrial level. Something similar, as scientists fear could happen with the Land even if the Paris climate agreement will be implemented.


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