Three UFOs appeared over the volcano of the Canary Islands

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Сразу три НЛО появились над крупнейшим вулканом Канарских островов

Ufologists from Spain reported the discovery of a UFO on the territory of the Canary Islands. Three flying object appeared over a huge volcano.

Specifically, the case of the UFO sightings occurred on the largest island in the Canary archipelago, Tenerife. Mysterious lights appeared over the largest volcano is called Teide, which today is dormant (the last eruption dates back to 1909). This hill, incidentally, is the highest in the entire territory belonging to the Kingdom of Spain.

One of the witnesses armed with a video camera and began to shoot what was happening in the sky, something very strange: three of the object maneuvered near each other, creating their pirouettes various geometric shapes. This sight is quite disturbing, but incredibly interesting, so keep your eyes off her is impossible. After some time, the mysterious UFO that struck local residents, disappeared among the clouds.

Experts in UFOlogy say that the Canary Islands is increasingly becoming a place where I like to go and see a UFO. In most cases, the suspicious objects were found just in the area of the volcano Teide, which is, apparently, something very attractive to newcomers.

In the last time often appears information about the appearance of UFOs in the vicinity of volcanoes. A recent striking case occurred in Mexico, when after a visit of a spaceship from the local volcano erupted almost immediately.

Earlier, one of the ufologists made a version that tried to explain the interest of the alien to the volcanoes. As it turned out, the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations «pick up» the energy which produces in huge quantities during the eruption. This energy, in particular, allows them to charge their vehicles for further space travel.

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